Monday, December 1, 2014

I Love Every Single One of These People

Family and Friends,
This was a wild week to say the least. But to start off I will apologize for a lack of pictures, my camera got wet during a rainstorm, even though it was in a plastic bag and it broke, but I’m getting it fixed today.

Kayo and Kemerly on their baptism day

Tuesday- Tuesday night after the temple...Wow...seriously one of the biggest miracles of my entire mission.  So, to start this story off, we have a less active woman and her 3 children, Kleiton (14), Kayo (11), and Kemerly (9). We call them KKK for short. During my last transfer with Elder Medina we worked with them every single day for 3 weeks strait trying to baptize them, but things kept going wrong so we stopped meeting with them. Elder Augirres and I returned to teach them again a few weeks ago. The less active mom is honestly a little different, but finally we convinced them to be baptized. Tuesday night we had to pay for a taxi AGAIN to take the family to the church because it is a long drive and it was raining. Kayo and Kemerly wanted to be baptized, but Kleiton was being a typical Brasilian teenage boy and didn’t want to be baptized, for no reason. 

Kleiton had a change of heart and was baptized right after his siblings!

We baptized his siblings, and after while they were changing, and I talked to Kleiton. The Holy Ghost spoke to him and he said he felt something and (had changed his mind and now) wanted to be baptized. So we got him the clothes, took another picture, and then I baptized him too! :) A whole family reactivated!  I am so happy for them! 

I prayed so hard to know what to say to Kleiton, and the Holy Ghost told me what to say. I was very humbled and very, very thankful. I couldn’t believe it happened.

It was also very special for me because it marked my 30th baptism. I’m so happy to have been so blessed to help 30 people in this short of time that I have here. Yes it is cool to have numbers, but to me, these people are not numbers. I remember every single person, their stories, their weaknesses, and their triumphs. I’ve spent countless hours with every single one of them and I love every single one of them.

My best pal, Elder Lima Neto, we are super close and great friends. I already know we will be friends for life. He is the type of Brazilian that Grandpa talked about when he said how fantastic and crazy Brazilians are!

Thursday-Today is Thanksgiving, but no one celebrates it here, so nothing is different unfortunately.  Elder Lima Neto and I are becoming best pals! He only has 3 weeks on the mission, but he is from the north of Brazil, in Fortaleza, and he is the greatest!!! 

Meat, fruits and vegetables...bliss!

We are both trying to eat as healthy as possible and we are supporting each other a ton! Also, our whole house in working out super hard every single day, which is awesome!

Elder Hunt is channeling his inner James Bond 007

Last night in an investigator’s house, he had us listen to a bone chilling voice message from the second in command of the largest drug cartel in Brasil. The Boss of the cartel had been killed by the police, and for revenge, the 2nd in command broadcast this message through social media to the whole world. He said that anyone in the streets after 3pm on November 28 would be killed on site. He specifically called out Pirituba, Brasilândia, and Vista Verde, which are 3 cities in our zone. To make it worse, he called our 2 streets in particular as well, Streets: Parapua, which is where our house is...where we live... and Petronio Portela, which is the street where the church is.  Everyone was freaked out. We were instructed to work as normal, but at 2pm the next day we received a call from our zone leaders instructing us to go home immediately, so we did.

This not only affected us but many other areas of our mission as well. Later that night we were allowed to go back out, but no one was in the streets, NO ONE.  The next day we got the sews that 2 cops were killed in front of the church, and 2 others were killed in front of a supermarket very close to where we work.

The cake Elder Hunt made for his new friend

We made a cake for one of our investigators for his birthday.  We want them to know we really care.

Augirres in goal

Soccer at the church 

Saturday-We did a division with Elder Costa and Lima Neto, I went with Lima Neto and we marked Friday to go with an investigator to marry her and her partner so she can be baptized.  We also hosted another soccer game for our investigators, which was another big success.

The soccer game got a little rough and my pocket was a casualty of the game.  
But it was a huge success!

Sunday Selfie

Sunday- I love wearing my new suit and shoes; it is super sharp! ;) We did 5 confirmations and it is great because now I am very comfortable confirming people in Portuguese. We had more problems with our ward leadership. 

After church, we had lunch with a new couple in our ward, Bruno and his wife.  They both served in the São Paulo, Interlagos mission. Lunch was good and he had a ton of great stories! I hope they call him to be our Ward Mission Leader, because we haven’t had one in 4 months.

Elder Hunt with his housemates- November 30, 2014

Monday-The zone vs. zone competition ended and our zone won!!! This means we will get to eat pizza with the President and go to the temple again! Also, I finally got all my mail today! I’m super excited and feeling great! Only 24 days till Christmas! :)

Elder Hunt

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