Monday, May 23, 2016

Good Week

Today is my last p day because next week I will go to a course close to the temple on how to be auto sufficient.

Today we went to 25de Março, we shopped a little, but the best part like always is the Taberna da gaucha. Meat and pizza! haha :)

We also had the baptism of Henrique this week (cant send pics today) but he is so cool and his baptism was awesome! :)

 I've been reflecting a lot these past weeks on everything that I have learned, all that I have become, and done on my mission, and none of this would have been possible if not for Christ, His perfect atonement and my Mission President, President Farnes. All the lessons I have learned and that I am still learning I am giving my maximum to pass to Elder Braga. He is honestly becoming an INCREDIBLE missionary. He has changed SO much and has honestly gained a true conversion and vision of baptism and the obedience, hard work, and ‘desejo’ required to have results.

This week we were also privileged to meet with Bishop Douglas and Pres Zanforlim (2nd counselor to Pres Farnes) for a private meeting. Honestly I had no idea HOW BLESSED we are to have these two men serving with us in this mission. Their experience, vision, and humility had a great effect on us. The meeting was excellent and everyone left happy, edified, and elevated. Incredible Experience :)

"There are only 2 types of missionaries in the world, those who served in Brasil, and those who wished they did!"-James E Faust. Or those who served with President Farnes, and those who wished they did! Because honestly it’s the truth!!!!! :)

Te amo 

Elder Hunt

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

At our District Meeting

Monday-Awesome BBQ!

We organize a soccer game each week for all of the boys in the ward.
This is helping our new converts make friends in the ward.  
They bring their friends and family with them which also helps us meet new people to share the gospel message with.  It is a great success.  I love these kids!

At a lunch appointment

Tuesday-Great district meeting, which was styled in a  "Question and Answer." The other district leader and I did Q and A with the whole zone for about 1 and a half-hours; it was so great! I love opportunities to share knowledge and learn more! :)  

Cool house

This is the neighborhood where we live.  It is awesome!  I love our house in the middle of this giant favella.

The highlights for the rest of the week were that we had an awesome meeting with our ward mission leader and ward missionaries. We made a ward newspaper with articles, photos, and other great things called "The Gaupira Times."

Lunch appointment

On Mother's day, we passed out our newspaper along with gifts for all the mothers in the ward. We also started giving flowers and taking pictures with all the sister's and their families at lunch! :) Huge success!

Renato and Alan on their baptism day

Bia on his baptism day

Jennifer and Bia on their baptism day

This week we also baptized Jennifer (we already baptized her twin brother), Bruno and Bia, (who are brother and sister and cousins of Jenifer) and Renato and Alan who are cousins! 
Lunch appointments

Lunch appointments 
I'm really sick again, but we are working as hard as ever and nothing is getting in our way!!!! :)


Elder Hunt

The pigeon won today! haha

Monday, May 2, 2016

Every Moment Here In Brasil

I am so happy this week!  LIFE IS GREAT!

Pizza and acai for Elder Braga's first night in the field!

Great week! It was super cold, which was awesome! We moved houses, now we live with two more Elders, which is great. 
Our favela

Elder Braga, a new missionary from Brasil is Elder Hunt's companion

We now live in a huge three story awesome house in the middle of the favela (haha), but it’s awesome! :) 

Jataniel and Italo on their baptism day, such amazing guys!

I love these guys so much!

Jataniel and Italo were baptized this week! They love the Book of Mormon and they have SO much desire to be members of the church and do what is right. They woke up at 7:30am and went to church all by themselves (which is REALLY far away) for their baptism! They are incredible and I love them so much! 

3rd story roof barbecue!

Today we had a BBQ which roasted potatoes and onions! Awesome p-day. I am loving every second and taking advantage of every moment here in Brasil! LiVE! 

Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt with his new companion, Elder Braga