Monday, February 29, 2016

The Change Is Real

Coconuts on the streets

Tuesday-We had an early Tuesday morning with the same routine, but this time going directly to Itu to do a division. I stayed the day with Elder Jose, a good baptizing Elder from Rio De Janeiro. We ate lunch ate an old place I used to eat at in Itu, then we worked in an area of Itu called São Judas where a majority of my recent converts live. Elder Jose and I saw some of my recent converts :) and we went and made contacts at a soccer training camp. We made 30 new investigators and marked 30 baptismal dates!!!! :) 

Almir, my former mission leader in Itu!
He bought us calda de cana

     Later we went to the CDHU and worked with a great family he and his previous companion had baptized. We taught all the friends of the family and they went with us to all the lessons! It was awesome! :) References and friends make a HUGE difference in missionary work! That night we went and saw David and Nany, a couple who I baptized who I absolutely love, they are preparing to go to the temple and they will go with my family and I in the beginning of June. It will be incredible, :) I’m so excited! :) 

This guy sells coconuts on the street and uses this machine to extract the milk.
So delicious!

Wednesday-Great division! We ended the division that morning and we went back to our area. We worked super hard in the hot Sorocaba sun like usual, but nothing dampers our spirits! :) The people are not quite as receptive as they were in my other areas, but The Lord's elects are everywhere :)

Fabricioi Castello Frave and his wife

     Thursday-Elder Flores had a filling in his tooth fall out so we went to the dentist who is a recent convert and her member husband. They helped Flores really quickly, and then offered to take us to lunch and buy us groceries. Fabricio and Karina are their names and they are true examples of Christ, I have never seen people treat someone so well as they treated us without even knowing us. They are incredible, their love, generosity, and pure concern for others is amazing. This experience really motivated me to strive to be more and more like our Savior.

Elder Flores and Hunt eating sushi together

 Friday- We did a division with Elder Da Silva as he helped us with interviews. There was an awesome ward activity and we brought some investigators which was great! :) Our ward is so awesome! :) 

     Saturday-We followed up with everyone who would be going to church and who was going to baptized. Great hard day! 

Ana on her baptism day
with her sister

Kaio and Isabelli on their baptism day

     Sunday-Kaio, Isabelli, and Ana were baptized! Ana is super awesome, she is really looking for a new start in her life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s ordinances ;) She is very diligent in her study of the Book of Mormon and always has very educated, well thought questions. She always reads more than we ask her too; she is great! :) 

     That afternoon we had lunch with the awesome first counselor of the bishopric, his wife who is the YW president, and some of their friends from the other ward. Lunch was great and the members in this ward are so awesome! They help and support us all the way! :) 

     Monday-I finally got my birthday package today!!! :) My family is the best!!! 

      This week is going to be super hectic, this will be my last leadership counsel, because in 3 more weeks, I will go train a new missionary.                                                                                                              

The change is real.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pure Ministration

East Side Sorocaba

Monday-PF Changs, pizza, and Bop It

Tuesday-Early morning, bus to terminal Santana, Metro Santana to barra funda, Charter bus from barra funda 2 hours to Rodovia Sorocaba, taxi to our chapel in Barcelona for district meeting in style ;) 

We had an awesome district meeting that Elder Da Silva gave, then we had a great lunch and found new investigators all day long in the hot Sorocaba sun. Amidst the sweat, sunscreen, and burning sun, we found the family of Patricia, Matheus, Leticia, and Jordania, a family who had gone to church and taken the missionary lessons in the past. Their humility and warm personalities made a good match in accepting The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joao Romao, the area where Elder Hunt is working this week

Wednesday- Using a less active families list, we plowed through the heat in hopes of finding someone who hadn't been baptized yet, to in turn reactivate the family and baptize more. We didn't find many fruits, but that didn't dampen our spirits because the Lord continued to bless us with his elects.

Also, FELIZ ANIVERSARIO to my sister Elisabeth!!! :) <3 

Elder Hunt and Elder Messick

Thursday-Today we divided with the zone leaders from Zona Trujillo, another zone in Sorocaba. I stayed with my old comp Elder Messick in our area of Barcelona. Our lunch fell, so we had to eat something quick, we ate and began to work at 12:15pm. We worked and worked and worked through the heat until 9:30pm. By the end of the day, we had taught over 30 lessons and marked tons of baptismal dates, a good long day of work!

Also, the Bis chocolate game was a big hit among our investigators, it was just bad because the hot sun melted the Bis in our bags, but that didn't stop anyone from playing!

Friday-Friday morning Messick woke up with a bad ear infection, so we finished the division and he went to the hospital. We had an excellent lunch with a very fun family in the ward :) 

After lunch we met up with Da Silva and his son Elder Castañeda to do a division with them. :) Once again I stayed in our area and we did tons of interviews and in the night hosted soccer at the church.

Saturday-We finished the division and used the day following up with all our investigators for church and their baptisms the next day! 

Matheus on his baptism day

Kawani and Gabriella on their baptism day

Sunday-Today was my 20th birthday, but more importantly, 4 people were baptized! First was Matheus, then Kawani and her sister Gabriella, then we had a great lunch where the Irma made me a key lime pie! MY absolute favorite!!! :) It was so special and great! :)

This wonderful family made Elder Hunt a key lime pie for his birthday!
It's his favorite!

Then we took the long journey back to the mission office. We arrived and shortly after I went and interviewed a former investigator of mine named Julio. 

After over one year visiting the church, we resolved his doubts and he was baptized that night. His best friend Gustavo who is leaving for his mission on Wednesday of this week baptized him, what a great and amazing experience! :) 

Elder Hunt

Monday, February 15, 2016


Assistants to President and Sister Farnes

This has been a very interesting week full of mixed emotions. Starting off last Monday...last Monday was the last day of Elder Felix and Elder Da Silva being together with us as APs. I have served with them the past two transfers and together we have developed a very strong lasting friendship, so Felix going home and Da Silva stepping down to train a new missionary before going home is difficult for us all.

Tuesday-Today Elder Alvis and I gave a training for the trainers and Elder Flores and Emanuel gave another one. We did it the same style as we did the last time, we gave a training to one group and then switched and gave the training again. The trainings were awesome! Well delivered with tons of participation and excitement!!!

We then had the presentation of who would train who. Then we had lunch and got to know better the new missionaries. Great day! Great energy!

That afternoon we packed up all our stuff and that night late, we got a ride to our new area and house. The first thing I noticed about our new area is that boy is it HOT!!!!

Our New Beautiful Chapel in Barcelona

Wednesday-We went to district meeting and a cool thing is that Elder Da Silva is in our zone so we will still see each other quite a bit! Fine meeting, then off to lunch! The members are super great here! They all support us a ton and want to help a lot! Super awesome, I’m so excited!

Elder Hunt's new area- Barcelona, Sorocaba

We basically spent the day getting our bearings, finding out where the good area to work is, where the chapel is, etc... We found some people, but here in Sorocaba, which is the interior of São Paulo, it is calmer, wealthier, and there just aren't as many people to talk to.  This makes missionary work a little bit harder, but it all makes up for it because of the awesome ward! 

Elder Hunt and Flores with Bishop Alan and New Member Ivan

Thursday-Work, work, work in the hot sun! This night we met the legendary Bispo Alan...who is THE BEST BISHOP EVER!!! (We brought him a cake.) I'm just so happy because I have never seen a ward who so fully supports missionary work and wants to help so much! It's wonderful!!!! :)

Barcelona, Sorocaba

Friday-We did a division with Elder Da Silva and it was great! He showed me the area a little better because he has already passed in our area. We also did soccer at the chapel as an activity for our investigators! 

Saturday-Hectic follow up with all our investigators for church the next day! 

Waiting for the bus in Sorocaba by the river

(largest rodents in the world)

Sunday-We had ward counsel Sunday morning and then went to pick up investigators for church! We didn’t have quite as many people at church as we had hoped but it was still good. Also I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.

Elder Hunt with Ivan on his baptism day

Then afterwards we had the baptism of Ivan, a sweet man, also who was baptized was an 8 year old from the ward, the baptismal meeting had 70 people in it and the spirit was super strong, amazing, amazing amazing!!!!! 

The members in our new ward are the BEST!

We had lunch and then made the long trip back to São Paulo to pick up numbers etc.

Back to the President's house on Pday

Monday-Today we had a meeting with President at his house and we got PF Changs! It was great! 

Elder Hunt

PF Changs

Monday, February 8, 2016


These last three transfers have been a very interesting time for me in many ways - the pressure, the stress, the salvation. After three transfers being an Assistant with three different companions in one area, I will be staying Assistant for one more, with the same companion Elder Flores, BUT we will be moving areas to area Barcelona, Sorocaba.

If anyone remembers, my first transfer as assistant I did a division in this area. With this change, Elder Flores and I will take care of all the zones in the Interior. To take care of the zones in the capital (Like I`ve been doing for the last three transfers) two new Assistants have been called, Elder Emmanuel a Brazilian who looks like a more handsome Prince William, and...Elder ALVIS!!!! My former comp from Itu who I absolutely love! I’m so pumped for them both, this will be incredible! 

In the end, I am excited for a change of area, but also the favela, the feelings, and 77 people I helped enter into the waters of baptism of Cantareira will be missed ever so dearly. Even with having to deal with not the most pleasant ward in the world, this area Cantareira will hold a special place in my heart for all time. 

Monday-This was a normal p day, BUT we spent a good part of the day preparing a training for the missionaries who are training new missionaries.

Tuesday-Split into two groups, and battling a sweaty fever and cough, Elder Felix and I trained one group of missionaries teaching them about how to work more efficiently in the field, while Elder Flores and Da Silva gave a training about how to better use our field instruments and how to help investigators receive personal revelation. Then, we switched groups and gave the same training again to the other group.

Amidst my sickness, the training went excellent, everyone was very open one with another, there was a lot of participation, and we were all able to leave that day having learned much and having been edified together, through the direction and doctrines of Christ. 

Wednesday-Today we were invited to President Farnes’ house to have a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon we had a ping pong tournament and played `headbands` with Zona Alphaville because they baptized the most in the month. We arrived in the mission office at about 6pm where we continued preparing everything for counsel, we prepared late into the night...

Thursday-Leadership counsel! I only slept about two hours the night before and we gave a wicked training about the growth of the mission! It was awesome, including a cool part with over 400 M&Ms, great exhausting day. 

Friday-We did our weekly investigator/recent convert soccer game at the chapel, but in the evening we received the transfer assignments so we had to go organize and talk with President about all the changes. 

Saturday-We spent a large part of our day organizing the transfer because now it will be done a bit differently, a little bit more complicated. We followed with our investigators and organized some more.

Hugo and Artur, on their baptism day with Elder Hunt and Elder Flores

Sunday-We had the baptisms of Hugo and his brother Artur, they were the last of their group of six friends to get baptized.  They are a super firm group and they all live on the same street. Their group will be interviewed to receive the Aaronic priesthood this upcoming week.

Hugo and Elder Hunt, in the waters of baptism

Elder Hunt is very sad to leave these wonderful new members of the church in Cantareira

It was a very tough and emotional day for us to leave all of our recent converts, :( but change is good, change is progress and progress is growth. There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone!

Partiu Barcelona. #FBBarcelona #Messi&Neymar

Elder Hunt

Monday, February 1, 2016

351- It's Never Too Early and It's Never Too Late

Monday-Normal p day EXCEPT that we didn`t have a meeting with President Farnes and Elder Felix and Da Silva didn`t come to the capital like normal. So I guess that it wasn`t such a normal p day after all. 

     Tuesday-We went to district meeting in our home zone of Sao Paulo Norte instead of going to another zone like normal. It was a good motivating meeting, I was happy we went. 
     We worked in our favela the whole day working with our recent converts, teaching their friends, family, and everyone they know! But one critical detail is that on our way to our area we ended up picking the wrong bus it took us 3 hours out of the way, which was unfortunate as well because of the extreme heat and humidity this week. Even using a ton of sunscreen this week, I still got super sunburned...

     Wednesday-We did a division where Elder Flores and I both had to leave our area for a day. Elder Flores went to an area that he had already served called Vila Maria and I went to Gaupira, which is generally the most productive and highest baptizing areas in the mission, but the results have been lacking lately. In Gaupira, I stayed with Elder Rodrigo a newer elder who recently became senior and who has a very high potential. Unfortunately it rained hard the entire day, so no one was in the streets and no one wanted to let two soaking wet Mormon missionaries into there homes.

 Elder Rodrigo`s difficulties were worse than I imagined in relation to not having any investigators nor knowing where anything was in his area, so unfortunately, this resulted in a very unproductive division. But our `LiVE` moments of the day were that amidst the difficulties we managed to find many new investigators and we marked over 25 baptismal dates.  

     Thursday-Also, with this being the last week in a month with five Sundays, the pressure was on to break the mission record, which is 309 baptisms in the month and 18 baptisms in one companionship in one month.

     Anyhow, Thursday morning we ended the division in fashion with an acai and Flores and I went back to Cantareira to work, BUT before we went to work, we passed by the mission office to meet with President to discuss the divisions and the expected results of the week. 

     Friday-We hosted our weekly recent convert/investigator soccer/ping pong tournament (we don`t play, obviously) were we made hot dogs and had tons of fun integrating, teaching, and strengthening those we are teaching and that we have recently baptized. 

     Saturday-Crazy day following up with all those that we would baptized and bring to church the next day! We used our little candy invites and it gave even more results his time around

     Sunday-In the hectic, adrenaline spiked, dream crushing, or dream realizing fog of picking those up for church Sunday morning we managed to bring 15 investigators to church, including a complete family of two parents and 8 children.

     In the end we baptized 6 people-Pedro Henrique, another Pedro Henrique, Ketlyn, Ryan, Glecio, and Daniel! And with that we ended up tieing with my pai Elder Medina for a new mission record, which is 22 baptisms in one companionship in one month! And to top it all off, our mission baptized 95 in the week and ended up with 351 in the month, another new amazing record. 

     On another note, my personal study has been AMAZING, every single day I am getting more and more out of my studying.  I wish I knew how to study this effectively at the beginning of my mission and when I was at home, but "It`s never too early and It`s never too late" referring to the awesome conference talk by Bradley D. Foster.

     The blessing of serving a mission are innumerable, what an incredible privilege, and these things I leave in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Elder Hunt