Monday, February 8, 2016


These last three transfers have been a very interesting time for me in many ways - the pressure, the stress, the salvation. After three transfers being an Assistant with three different companions in one area, I will be staying Assistant for one more, with the same companion Elder Flores, BUT we will be moving areas to area Barcelona, Sorocaba.

If anyone remembers, my first transfer as assistant I did a division in this area. With this change, Elder Flores and I will take care of all the zones in the Interior. To take care of the zones in the capital (Like I`ve been doing for the last three transfers) two new Assistants have been called, Elder Emmanuel a Brazilian who looks like a more handsome Prince William, and...Elder ALVIS!!!! My former comp from Itu who I absolutely love! I’m so pumped for them both, this will be incredible! 

In the end, I am excited for a change of area, but also the favela, the feelings, and 77 people I helped enter into the waters of baptism of Cantareira will be missed ever so dearly. Even with having to deal with not the most pleasant ward in the world, this area Cantareira will hold a special place in my heart for all time. 

Monday-This was a normal p day, BUT we spent a good part of the day preparing a training for the missionaries who are training new missionaries.

Tuesday-Split into two groups, and battling a sweaty fever and cough, Elder Felix and I trained one group of missionaries teaching them about how to work more efficiently in the field, while Elder Flores and Da Silva gave a training about how to better use our field instruments and how to help investigators receive personal revelation. Then, we switched groups and gave the same training again to the other group.

Amidst my sickness, the training went excellent, everyone was very open one with another, there was a lot of participation, and we were all able to leave that day having learned much and having been edified together, through the direction and doctrines of Christ. 

Wednesday-Today we were invited to President Farnes’ house to have a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon we had a ping pong tournament and played `headbands` with Zona Alphaville because they baptized the most in the month. We arrived in the mission office at about 6pm where we continued preparing everything for counsel, we prepared late into the night...

Thursday-Leadership counsel! I only slept about two hours the night before and we gave a wicked training about the growth of the mission! It was awesome, including a cool part with over 400 M&Ms, great exhausting day. 

Friday-We did our weekly investigator/recent convert soccer game at the chapel, but in the evening we received the transfer assignments so we had to go organize and talk with President about all the changes. 

Saturday-We spent a large part of our day organizing the transfer because now it will be done a bit differently, a little bit more complicated. We followed with our investigators and organized some more.

Hugo and Artur, on their baptism day with Elder Hunt and Elder Flores

Sunday-We had the baptisms of Hugo and his brother Artur, they were the last of their group of six friends to get baptized.  They are a super firm group and they all live on the same street. Their group will be interviewed to receive the Aaronic priesthood this upcoming week.

Hugo and Elder Hunt, in the waters of baptism

Elder Hunt is very sad to leave these wonderful new members of the church in Cantareira

It was a very tough and emotional day for us to leave all of our recent converts, :( but change is good, change is progress and progress is growth. There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone!

Partiu Barcelona. #FBBarcelona #Messi&Neymar

Elder Hunt

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