Monday, February 1, 2016

351- It's Never Too Early and It's Never Too Late

Monday-Normal p day EXCEPT that we didn`t have a meeting with President Farnes and Elder Felix and Da Silva didn`t come to the capital like normal. So I guess that it wasn`t such a normal p day after all. 

     Tuesday-We went to district meeting in our home zone of Sao Paulo Norte instead of going to another zone like normal. It was a good motivating meeting, I was happy we went. 
     We worked in our favela the whole day working with our recent converts, teaching their friends, family, and everyone they know! But one critical detail is that on our way to our area we ended up picking the wrong bus it took us 3 hours out of the way, which was unfortunate as well because of the extreme heat and humidity this week. Even using a ton of sunscreen this week, I still got super sunburned...

     Wednesday-We did a division where Elder Flores and I both had to leave our area for a day. Elder Flores went to an area that he had already served called Vila Maria and I went to Gaupira, which is generally the most productive and highest baptizing areas in the mission, but the results have been lacking lately. In Gaupira, I stayed with Elder Rodrigo a newer elder who recently became senior and who has a very high potential. Unfortunately it rained hard the entire day, so no one was in the streets and no one wanted to let two soaking wet Mormon missionaries into there homes.

 Elder Rodrigo`s difficulties were worse than I imagined in relation to not having any investigators nor knowing where anything was in his area, so unfortunately, this resulted in a very unproductive division. But our `LiVE` moments of the day were that amidst the difficulties we managed to find many new investigators and we marked over 25 baptismal dates.  

     Thursday-Also, with this being the last week in a month with five Sundays, the pressure was on to break the mission record, which is 309 baptisms in the month and 18 baptisms in one companionship in one month.

     Anyhow, Thursday morning we ended the division in fashion with an acai and Flores and I went back to Cantareira to work, BUT before we went to work, we passed by the mission office to meet with President to discuss the divisions and the expected results of the week. 

     Friday-We hosted our weekly recent convert/investigator soccer/ping pong tournament (we don`t play, obviously) were we made hot dogs and had tons of fun integrating, teaching, and strengthening those we are teaching and that we have recently baptized. 

     Saturday-Crazy day following up with all those that we would baptized and bring to church the next day! We used our little candy invites and it gave even more results his time around

     Sunday-In the hectic, adrenaline spiked, dream crushing, or dream realizing fog of picking those up for church Sunday morning we managed to bring 15 investigators to church, including a complete family of two parents and 8 children.

     In the end we baptized 6 people-Pedro Henrique, another Pedro Henrique, Ketlyn, Ryan, Glecio, and Daniel! And with that we ended up tieing with my pai Elder Medina for a new mission record, which is 22 baptisms in one companionship in one month! And to top it all off, our mission baptized 95 in the week and ended up with 351 in the month, another new amazing record. 

     On another note, my personal study has been AMAZING, every single day I am getting more and more out of my studying.  I wish I knew how to study this effectively at the beginning of my mission and when I was at home, but "It`s never too early and It`s never too late" referring to the awesome conference talk by Bradley D. Foster.

     The blessing of serving a mission are innumerable, what an incredible privilege, and these things I leave in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Elder Hunt

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