Monday, February 15, 2016


Assistants to President and Sister Farnes

This has been a very interesting week full of mixed emotions. Starting off last Monday...last Monday was the last day of Elder Felix and Elder Da Silva being together with us as APs. I have served with them the past two transfers and together we have developed a very strong lasting friendship, so Felix going home and Da Silva stepping down to train a new missionary before going home is difficult for us all.

Tuesday-Today Elder Alvis and I gave a training for the trainers and Elder Flores and Emanuel gave another one. We did it the same style as we did the last time, we gave a training to one group and then switched and gave the training again. The trainings were awesome! Well delivered with tons of participation and excitement!!!

We then had the presentation of who would train who. Then we had lunch and got to know better the new missionaries. Great day! Great energy!

That afternoon we packed up all our stuff and that night late, we got a ride to our new area and house. The first thing I noticed about our new area is that boy is it HOT!!!!

Our New Beautiful Chapel in Barcelona

Wednesday-We went to district meeting and a cool thing is that Elder Da Silva is in our zone so we will still see each other quite a bit! Fine meeting, then off to lunch! The members are super great here! They all support us a ton and want to help a lot! Super awesome, I’m so excited!

Elder Hunt's new area- Barcelona, Sorocaba

We basically spent the day getting our bearings, finding out where the good area to work is, where the chapel is, etc... We found some people, but here in Sorocaba, which is the interior of São Paulo, it is calmer, wealthier, and there just aren't as many people to talk to.  This makes missionary work a little bit harder, but it all makes up for it because of the awesome ward! 

Elder Hunt and Flores with Bishop Alan and New Member Ivan

Thursday-Work, work, work in the hot sun! This night we met the legendary Bispo Alan...who is THE BEST BISHOP EVER!!! (We brought him a cake.) I'm just so happy because I have never seen a ward who so fully supports missionary work and wants to help so much! It's wonderful!!!! :)

Barcelona, Sorocaba

Friday-We did a division with Elder Da Silva and it was great! He showed me the area a little better because he has already passed in our area. We also did soccer at the chapel as an activity for our investigators! 

Saturday-Hectic follow up with all our investigators for church the next day! 

Waiting for the bus in Sorocaba by the river

(largest rodents in the world)

Sunday-We had ward counsel Sunday morning and then went to pick up investigators for church! We didn’t have quite as many people at church as we had hoped but it was still good. Also I gave a talk in sacrament meeting.

Elder Hunt with Ivan on his baptism day

Then afterwards we had the baptism of Ivan, a sweet man, also who was baptized was an 8 year old from the ward, the baptismal meeting had 70 people in it and the spirit was super strong, amazing, amazing amazing!!!!! 

The members in our new ward are the BEST!

We had lunch and then made the long trip back to São Paulo to pick up numbers etc.

Back to the President's house on Pday

Monday-Today we had a meeting with President at his house and we got PF Changs! It was great! 

Elder Hunt

PF Changs

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