Monday, April 25, 2016

Come What May and Love It

"Your personal conversion and testimony can be measured by your desire to share The Gospel"  -Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

This was a great week! :) On Tuesday we had a Multi Zone Conference. There were so many amazing things. There were 4 rooms representing the 4 types of missionaries, 1 through 4, with 4 being the best the most obedient, hard working, consecrated. 

That room had all the best privileges, the other rooms had less and less, according to their level of consecration, etc. 

We received ‘LiVE’ rings, and all wrote all the things that are preventing us from being the "4th Missionary." We tied these things to a balloon and let the balloon fly away outside. Amazing, amazing day. 

President Farnes taught that every day in our studies we can receive the same level of revelation as if we were in the temple, so every morning, we have "our time in the temple." It is incredible to think about studying this way, you get so much more out of it. :) 

Jonathan, Bisma and Duda on their baptism day.
Elder Hunt has baptized over 200 people on his mission! 

This week, Jonathan, Bisma, and Duda were baptized! So amazing to see! 

Elder Santana sprained his ankle so we had to go to the hospital.

Also we have transfers tomorrow. My son Elder Santana will be transferred and I will have another son who arrives tomorrow from the CTM! 

 Stroganoff for lunch, I'm really going to miss Elder Santana because he is an awesome cook!

I'm going to miss Elder Santana a TON! I will spend the last 6 weeks of my mission here in Gaupira! This is it! Leave it all on the field! 


Elder Hunt

Monday, April 18, 2016

8 Baptisms and More to Come

Elder Hunt did a division in Mairipora this week.
It is a town in the middle of the jungle.

Division with Elder W Silva in Mairipora

We had 8 baptisms this week!
I love these crazy kids!
Vinicious, Rafael, Davi, and Gabriel on their baptism day

10 year old Pamela was also baptized this week, pictured here with Elder Hunt

President Gordon B Hinckley: "Lets work together to make the ward grow!"  :) 

Marco and Julio Cesar on their baptism day

'Brain food'

Davis and Nany and Nicole visited the temple this week!

(Elder Hunt's letter this week is very short!  At least he sent us pictures.  He is working super hard and doing well.  He is feeling better from his cold from the past few weeks.)

Great week! Super hot! 8 baptisms and more to come! Hard work, obedience, and desejo real! Lets go!!!!

Elder Hunt

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Savior's Love And Blessings Are Real


To sum up my week, I was super sick to the point I had to go to the hospital. I had to buy 300$reais worth of medicine, but we worked really hard despite the sickness.  

Acai, pasoca, and leite empo

Grilling more meat

I cut my finger deeply on some barbed wire too, but today we got some a├žai to lighten the mood, and we are eating a lot of meat on our grill! 

Friday night at the soccer event at the church, Renan, an awesome teenage boy was baptized! And on Sunday, Thiago was baptized! 

Saturday night we did an interview for the sisters and the person was baptized the next day! :) MIRACLE interview!

This week was challenging, but my testimony has grown much in regard to Christ's Atonement for all of us.  (Writing in English is really hard.) I have learned patience, humility, and genuine love for others, and putting aside your wants to do the Lord's will.

Christ lives, this is His church, and He blesses us through a living prophet and his apostles. Our Savior's love and blessings are real; earn them, deserve them, and BE one of His true disciples. 

Elder Hunt

My weights

My pull up bar and bands

Quintal- room where they hang their clothes to dry



His comps bed

Elder Hunt's bed is the one on the right

Monday, April 4, 2016

Super Sick But Working Hard

Elder Hunt with Paulo on his baptism day

The new Favella where Elder Hunt lives and works

Hi everyone,

This week I've been really sick with a bad cold, but even so, we worked extremely hard. 
The baptisms of Paulo and Kaique

The highlights of our week include:
·      We had the baptisms of Paulo and Kaique.  
·      General Confrence was great!  There were several times during the Saturday afternoon session that I was brought to tears.
·      We hosted soccer at the church for the young men we are teaching and the recent converts. 

We have a little grill on our balcony at our house.
We have been grilling meat on it at night when we are finished working.
All Brasilians love meat, which is really good.

My companion that is a brand new missionary.  He is a really good missionary and is trying his best to learn everything and be obedient.  

We are going to the temple tomorrow, which is always awesome!  Today I gave a zone training about bettering one's self and making daily, weekly, and monthly goals to be able to reach your end goal. 

I'm super sick and feel awful, but it was great to be able to train an entire zone again. I miss training zones and leaders since being released as Assistant to the President two weeks ago!   Looking back at my mission and where I started, I have learned and changed so much, especially in realizing the small daily victories that happen! Grateful!


Elder Hunt