Monday, April 4, 2016

Super Sick But Working Hard

Elder Hunt with Paulo on his baptism day

The new Favella where Elder Hunt lives and works

Hi everyone,

This week I've been really sick with a bad cold, but even so, we worked extremely hard. 
The baptisms of Paulo and Kaique

The highlights of our week include:
·      We had the baptisms of Paulo and Kaique.  
·      General Confrence was great!  There were several times during the Saturday afternoon session that I was brought to tears.
·      We hosted soccer at the church for the young men we are teaching and the recent converts. 

We have a little grill on our balcony at our house.
We have been grilling meat on it at night when we are finished working.
All Brasilians love meat, which is really good.

My companion that is a brand new missionary.  He is a really good missionary and is trying his best to learn everything and be obedient.  

We are going to the temple tomorrow, which is always awesome!  Today I gave a zone training about bettering one's self and making daily, weekly, and monthly goals to be able to reach your end goal. 

I'm super sick and feel awful, but it was great to be able to train an entire zone again. I miss training zones and leaders since being released as Assistant to the President two weeks ago!   Looking back at my mission and where I started, I have learned and changed so much, especially in realizing the small daily victories that happen! Grateful!


Elder Hunt

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