Monday, March 28, 2016

The First of the Last

Monday- My last day as Assistant, haha. I hung out with Alvis and Sagae, making the best of our last times together :)

     Tuesday-We woke up to find that the mission office had been broken into :( Not much was taken, but there was a lot of mess. 
Elder Hunt with his new missionary, or 'son' as they are called.
Elder Iugly Dayan Barbosa de Santana

     That morning we had a training for everyone who was training, including me haha. We had lunch and then we had the presentation to meet our filhos. I was super nervous, haha! But finally the moment arrived and I met Elder Iugly Dayan Barbosa de Santana, a recent convert of two years from Brasilia. Only he and his 10 year old sister are members, he is 23 years old. He's great! He is a super fast learner and is very driven! :) 
We got to our area in the afternoon and got to work! 

     Wednesday-I gave my first training as district leader haha, its been awhile. I love giving trainings! We went to lunch with the other elders in our area, Elder Rodrigo and Nascimento and we went to work!!!! Tons of new people to teach and getting to know the area! One thing we are also doing is every lunch we are bringing a little treat to show our gratitude for the members.

     Thursday-Work, work, work in the cold rain, and yep I got super sick, weakness, stuffed nose, sore throat, but nothing is stopping us, it’s now or never! Gaupira 2 é Noix!!!

     Friday-Still super sick, but we went to Bishop’s house and we brought a cake, a tie for him, and flowers for his wife, and it went great! We totally love the Bishop, his family, and especially his wife!  Work work work!

     Saturday-Following up with everyone to go to church and our baptisms Lucas and Emyli! Finding new investigators and talking to everyone while being dead sick! 

     Sunday-Lucas was baptized by an awesome recent convert and my son Elder Santana baptized Emyli! 

     I've never been humbled like I have been this week. I've never had to get on my knees and show humility quite like this. Without God we are nothing, with Him, anything is possible! 

     My son is awesome! Love him a ton! #10MoreWeeks #36 #1.6 #201 Let's goooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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