Monday, March 14, 2016

1D, Member Missionaries and the Pyramid of Conversion

Monday-Numbers, meeting with President, Alvis and I slept on a couch, Outback with President, and #SóAlegria.
     Tuesday-Same routine early rising heading out to Sorocaba! When we arrived in Sorocaba we got right to work, working closely with our recent converts and their friends and family members that have gone to church. Always working well with your recent converts results in more baptisms :) Also working well with members who have vision in terms of "...bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man," results in high baptisms and extended activity in the church. 

This past week a member named Nicole, who is 20 years old and who is going on a mission to Portugal soon brought a friend of hers to church, his name is Luan and he is 20 years old. He went to church, loved it, and we marked a baptismal date with him for that next week, which was this past week :) We followed up well with him during the week and brought members with us to every lesson, he read the Book of Mormon, prayed, and knew for himself that these things are true. Luan truly is elect. 

We will never know all things and therefore we cannot always know what is to happen, so we must always use the most basic principle of the Gospel, which is faith, believe in action. Our investigators go to church, listen to our message, read the Book of Mormon, and by their faith are baptized very shortly after, taking simply the first step. 

     Wednesday-We did a division with Zona Santana, a different zone in Sorocaba. I stayed in our area with my old pal Elder Taylor! :) It was good to work together and remember all of our good stories from Brasilandia! haha :)

     Thursday-We ended the division and shortly after we started with our interviews with President. We ate lunch and worked in our area and our interviews were last. President Farnes is incredible!!! The way he is able to raise others up and make them feel good is amazing! We feel so strongly his and Christs' love when we are with him. 

     Friday-We did a division with Da Silva! And it was also an investigator of ours' birthday today! So a day before I remembered a member in Sorocaba that makes customized T shirts, so we called him and asked him if he could make a custom One Direction t shirt for Sara because she loves 1D. He made it, and we gave it to her for her birthday on Friday and she flipped! :) She was SOOO happy hahahah! 

     Saturday-We followed with our investigators and Saturday we had stake conference in Barcelona! President Farnes gave an awesome talk/training about the "Pyramid of Conversion" which is doing 3 points of a pyramid, which are 1-Personal prayer and scripture study daily, 2- going to church to renew our baptismal covenants and learning together at church, and 3-Missionary work, acting like Christ in all things, actually acting, getting up, and working to love and help others. Doing these 3 points of the pyramid, we are promised a strengthened testimony and conversion. 

     After the conference Saturday night, we had the baptisms of Laun and Sara!!! Woohoo!!!! Awesome! 

    Sunday-Part 2 of the conference where we were able to bring many investigators and recent converts to see, great sweet spirit that day :) 

     After we had lunch and the same great member who made key lime pie for me on my birthday, and she made it again! :) So great! :)  I am so grateful to this great sister. After we got on the road to São Paulo! :) 

     Monday-Great lunch, and helping Elder Sagae get a bunch of documents for the mission. 

Leadership Counsel

Last pictures with Elder Medina

     This is my last week being an Assistant before I will step down to end my mission training a new missionary! All or nothing this week in Barcelona with Flores!!!

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