Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Savior's Love And Blessings Are Real


To sum up my week, I was super sick to the point I had to go to the hospital. I had to buy 300$reais worth of medicine, but we worked really hard despite the sickness.  

Acai, pasoca, and leite empo

Grilling more meat

I cut my finger deeply on some barbed wire too, but today we got some a├žai to lighten the mood, and we are eating a lot of meat on our grill! 

Friday night at the soccer event at the church, Renan, an awesome teenage boy was baptized! And on Sunday, Thiago was baptized! 

Saturday night we did an interview for the sisters and the person was baptized the next day! :) MIRACLE interview!

This week was challenging, but my testimony has grown much in regard to Christ's Atonement for all of us.  (Writing in English is really hard.) I have learned patience, humility, and genuine love for others, and putting aside your wants to do the Lord's will.

Christ lives, this is His church, and He blesses us through a living prophet and his apostles. Our Savior's love and blessings are real; earn them, deserve them, and BE one of His true disciples. 

Elder Hunt

My weights

My pull up bar and bands

Quintal- room where they hang their clothes to dry



His comps bed

Elder Hunt's bed is the one on the right

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