Monday, February 29, 2016

The Change Is Real

Coconuts on the streets

Tuesday-We had an early Tuesday morning with the same routine, but this time going directly to Itu to do a division. I stayed the day with Elder Jose, a good baptizing Elder from Rio De Janeiro. We ate lunch ate an old place I used to eat at in Itu, then we worked in an area of Itu called São Judas where a majority of my recent converts live. Elder Jose and I saw some of my recent converts :) and we went and made contacts at a soccer training camp. We made 30 new investigators and marked 30 baptismal dates!!!! :) 

Almir, my former mission leader in Itu!
He bought us calda de cana

     Later we went to the CDHU and worked with a great family he and his previous companion had baptized. We taught all the friends of the family and they went with us to all the lessons! It was awesome! :) References and friends make a HUGE difference in missionary work! That night we went and saw David and Nany, a couple who I baptized who I absolutely love, they are preparing to go to the temple and they will go with my family and I in the beginning of June. It will be incredible, :) I’m so excited! :) 

This guy sells coconuts on the street and uses this machine to extract the milk.
So delicious!

Wednesday-Great division! We ended the division that morning and we went back to our area. We worked super hard in the hot Sorocaba sun like usual, but nothing dampers our spirits! :) The people are not quite as receptive as they were in my other areas, but The Lord's elects are everywhere :)

Fabricioi Castello Frave and his wife

     Thursday-Elder Flores had a filling in his tooth fall out so we went to the dentist who is a recent convert and her member husband. They helped Flores really quickly, and then offered to take us to lunch and buy us groceries. Fabricio and Karina are their names and they are true examples of Christ, I have never seen people treat someone so well as they treated us without even knowing us. They are incredible, their love, generosity, and pure concern for others is amazing. This experience really motivated me to strive to be more and more like our Savior.

Elder Flores and Hunt eating sushi together

 Friday- We did a division with Elder Da Silva as he helped us with interviews. There was an awesome ward activity and we brought some investigators which was great! :) Our ward is so awesome! :) 

     Saturday-We followed up with everyone who would be going to church and who was going to baptized. Great hard day! 

Ana on her baptism day
with her sister

Kaio and Isabelli on their baptism day

     Sunday-Kaio, Isabelli, and Ana were baptized! Ana is super awesome, she is really looking for a new start in her life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s ordinances ;) She is very diligent in her study of the Book of Mormon and always has very educated, well thought questions. She always reads more than we ask her too; she is great! :) 

     That afternoon we had lunch with the awesome first counselor of the bishopric, his wife who is the YW president, and some of their friends from the other ward. Lunch was great and the members in this ward are so awesome! They help and support us all the way! :) 

     Monday-I finally got my birthday package today!!! :) My family is the best!!! 

      This week is going to be super hectic, this will be my last leadership counsel, because in 3 more weeks, I will go train a new missionary.                                                                                                              

The change is real.

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