Monday, January 5, 2015

I Have A Cold, But We Had A Baptism :)


I've been sick once again this whole week, but we were still rewarded with a baptism, the baptism of a 10 year old boy named Higor. His Uncle baptized him and we are in the process of converting his large part member family! :)

Monday-We got caught in a huge rain and windstorm Monday night...that was the beginning of the end. 

Elder Hunt and Elder Burt, new pals

Tuesday-Woke up super sick with the same sickness I had 4 weeks back, back in Brasilandia. Went to district meeting and shared all of our miracle experiences from the last week and then did a bunch of practices. After lunch I was just too sick, so Elder Burt, my American pal from Medford, Oregon went home with me. We did this so my comp and his comp could both continue to get work done in both our areas.

You can tell that these two are friends

Wednesday-I spent the entirety of New Years Eve day, and I passed the New Year extremely, extremely sick, this was when my sickness peaked. Also, my insomnia continued, I can’t sleep and it sucks.
How many apples do you think are in this bucket?

54 apples!

That is a lot of apple crisp!
Apple crisp made by Elder Hunt and Elder Burt on New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we had another barbecue and Elder Burt and I made apple crisp again! There were a TON of fireworks and wildness!

New Year's Eve Steak

New Year's Eve 2014

Brasil is a VERY wild country, especially during the holidays. The elders also picked me up a ton of fruit from the feira. 

Thursday-Basically my Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday consisted of: resting, telling back and forth crazy funny life stories with Elder Burt.  We studied, and made raw juice mixtures with mango, lime, and orange.  There was a lot of coughing, and more than 5 visits to different pharmacies to buy more and more medicine because I kept running out. I was recommended to buy cough syrup and all of my horrible childhood artificial grape flavored memories returned of cough syrup...yuck!

Street Art with Elder Hunt's name!

Friday- On Friday I mustered up the strength to make sure everything was totally good for our baptism Friday afternoon and it ended up going perfectly. 

Higor, on his baptism day with Elder Hunt and his Uncle who is a recent convert

After the baptism,Elder Burt and I also found a large tire on the side of the road near our house, so we decided to relive our old football memories, roll the big ole tire home and flip it for exercise! :)

Saturday-It rained a ton, but we went out and visited a lot of less actives. Still pretty sick, but improving.

Sunday-We started a 8am and finished at 11am for sacrament meeting looking for investigators to come to church. We literally passed by more than 35 investigators houses and we only ended up with 5, which was a little disappointing. Getting people to come to church is really one of our biggest challenges in this area and in Brasil in general, but especially in this area. 

President and Sister Farnes visited our ward, which was a real treat! :)
It was fast and testimony Sunday so I decided to bear my testimony. It was the first time I had borne a very long, substantial testimony in Portuguese from the pulpit of a sacrament meeting, and it felt great :)

We later visited more less actives and later in the night some of our investigators threw us a barbecue! It was great. 

Elder Hunt's study area


Overall I’m doing well.  I’m still sick, but I’m happy and my health is improving. I’m excited to be here in this area and we just need to keep making it happen!

Protein banana pancakes

Please keep my good friend Elder Josh Marley (who is currently serving his first week in the field in Montevideo, Uruguay) in your prayers! He is an outstanding Elder who has the discipline and willpower to do anything! But we all know how difficult the beginning of a mission can be.

One of Elder Hunt's favorite paintings

Eu amo voces! Feliz ano novo!!!! 
(I love you guys!  Happy New Year!!!)

Elder Hunt

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