Monday, December 14, 2015

These Pictures Make Me So Happy!

Swagg Selfie at our Leadership Council

Monday-Today was a LONG day dealing with missionaries going to the airport, transfers, and crazy stuff.
President Farnes with his Assistants at the Temple

These pictures make me so happy!

Tuesday-The whole day we were preparing for the leadership council that would happen the next day at the temple! :)

Wednesday-AWESOME DAY! We had leadership council in the morning where we talked about our new goal of 360 in the month, we gave our training on the powerful missionaries of old such as Ammon and why we arent living up to our full potentials, baptizing millions like they did, it was awesome! :) 

We had to eat lunch in like 5 minutes and then together as a council, we did a temple session together, IT WAS AMAZING :)

Elder Alvis and Elder Hunt

After the temple we went to have dinner with the Farnes family! We walked in to their apartment and it was literally just like being back home for Christmas, decorations, Josh Groban Christmas music in the background, and the smell of great food :) It was a wonderful night :) President and Sister Farnes gave us a Christmas gift (which I will open on Christmas) and President let us pick one of his ties (he is seriously amazing,) we talked about our favorite Christmas traditions back at home, and he even sang a bit to have some fun! :) Excellent excellent night :)

I brought some flowers for Sister Farnes and some chocolate to their kids when I went to dinner at their house.

I love the Farnes family so much!  More than words can express!
I am so blessed to have him as my Mission President

Thursday-We did a division with Elder Alvis and his comp Elder Linford who are in Itu, but they stayed with us in our area because Alvis stayed to go to a temple sealing of someone he baptized. But the division was great!
On a division with Elders Alvis and Linford

It was awesome to be back with my main man Alvis on the division, it brought back some awesome memories from when we were comps back in Itu! Man I love that guy! :) 

Friday-We organized a HUGE activity in the chapel for ALL of our recent converts, less actives, and investigators! It was a lot of craziness with having so many people there, but it also was a huge success! :) 

Leticid, Raiani, Pablo and Henrique with Elder Hunt on their baptism day

 Saturday-We are working a ton with our recent converts and we are baptizing all of their family members and friends! It’s the best! :) 
Panetone and icecream!

Sunday-We brought a mixture of recent converts, less actives, and investigators to church and in total it was 29 people to church! We baptized Leticia, who is a super elect 16 year old girl who has a broken arm, Henrique, Pablo, and Raiani, all friends of recent converts! Our ward is growing a ton! Just in this ward Catareira I've baptized more than 40 people. Elder Da Silva and I also gave a short talk about Christmas, which was nice. 

This week I studied a ton about Ammon, the sons of Mosiah, and other powerful missionaries of the Book Of Mormon. As we read, we learn that Ammon, was exact in all that he did. He served, he was very humble, and when he needed to be, he brought down the hammer (or in his case a sword.) His purity and power along with everything else he did made King Lamoni know that what he preached was the truth, this power came from God and was able to be exercised when doing ALL that was required (faith, actions, everything.)
Our little recent converts Vitor, Vinicious, and Allan were hungry so we fed them.

This story very much applies in our lives. The scriptures tell many stories of miracles and amazing power.  We always wonder what the big secret was and how it was done, but when we read and study, we learn that honestly these miraculous things all happened because the people were simply doing ALL that was required of them. They showed the Lord that they deserved his blessing, they hoped and wished with perfect faith, but they acted, they did their part, they did all that they possibly could and the Lord did the rest, and that is when the miracles happened. When we understand the basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and when we truly apply them in our lives, we live the successful, happy, lives the Lord has promised us we would have if we have done our part. Em Nome de Jesus Cristo, ├ímen. 

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