Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey everyone!

Today we went to the police station to get some things done, but there were some issues and we ended up just hanging out for 4 hours.  One of the really cool things was that an American came up to us and talked with us. Turns out he was a missionary a few years back and he just stayed in Brasil after. He served in the Sao Paulo East mission and he was super cool and gave us some great advice! Then on the way home I rode home next to a missionary from Argentina; we were able to have conversations in Portuguese and understand each other! I obviously missed a lot of words, but we were able to have a very basic conversation! I felt so good about it!  Even though it was very basic and I have SO much to learn, it was still super cool.  

One of the most motivating things are the Spanish speaking and Brasilian missionaries here. Most of them come from absolutely nothing and come to serve the Lord because He has given them so much. Many of them have been members for only a year and they still want to serve more than anything; they are so amazing! They are making the same sacrifices as me, but so much more! I love them!    All the Latinos and Brazilians sort of love me down here hahahaha. They all call me Hulky, which is the equivalent of Hulk, especially when I wear my Brasil soccer jersey. They all are fans of muscles, they are so silly, but I love them too. One of them jokes with me and puts his fists up to fight and says, “You want a piece for me” like, “you want a piece of me?”, but he doesn’t know how to say it properly in English.   

On Friday we taught a TRC lesson which is just a lesson that is recorded so we can watch and learn from our mistakes. So in the middle of it, I was trying to pronounce the word DIARIA or something like that and it came out as diarrhea- lolol. You pronounce your Ds with a G sound. Our investigator burst out laughing and then I couldn’t contain myself so I burst out laughing too. Then to make it even better, we got to watch it again that afternoon. We definitely lost the Spirit in the lesson after all the laughing, but it was a silly experience.  I’m still learning.  

On Sunday I started talking to this guy named Elder Zenger, he is from Winsor, Colorado and he is one week ahead of me, but we started talking and he is a straight stud! He is good at everything! He did football, basketball, track, parkour, he’s a DJ, he dances - he does everything! And he’s going to go to BYU after his mission the same time I am!!!!!! He and I are super close friends already! He is so cool!        

Tuesday night we had an amazing fireside about mission challenges and how to overcome them by President Broadband, the President of the Sao Paulo south mission! It was so inspiring and great!      

Today we got to go to the Campinas temple! It was sooooo pretty. Also, a prayer of mine was answered and I was able to bring my camera and takes pictures today! Unfortunately, the Sao Paulo temple will be closed for cleaning so I couldn’t get pictures from there.  I also forgot to mention that we got 2 new sisters in our district last week from Provo, it changes the dynamic in our room quite a bit, but they are cool, so its alright. We also have a new kid joining our district today, so we will see how that goes.          

Overall, I’m still feeling good, I’m trying to work as hard as I can and I am already starting to notice a lot of changes in myself. I get less angry and frustrated, I am more patient with myself and with everything in general, and I have been humbled as well. I love serving the Lord. I miss you all at home very much. I still have very tough moments here where I miss home an insurmountable amount and it lingers a bit and slows me down, but the Lord always comes through and helps me.  And most of all I can’t wait to get out of the CTM and get into the field! I can’t wait to get out of here!!!! That is where the real work will begin!

Elder Hunt

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