Tuesday, September 2, 2014

These Are the Days Where You Find Out What You Are Made Of

Hey everyone!

     We went to the São Paulo temple today and that is why we have p-day today instead of the regular Monday. Very hectic day, but the temple was incredible and it was 100% in Portuguese, rough haha. I only have 1 hour to write and send pictures so I need to hurry!

       Last Monday after emailing I cleaned our entire kitchen because it was/is a complete mess! I totally knew all the amazing women in my life would have been like "Marcus you better clean that, it’s disgusting!" Also it was good because I have been trying to find more opportunities to serve my companions, so it was good.

       Tuesday: I had a really rough day. It was rainy which I liked, but I couldn’t understand anything or speak at all, I did not want to be here, and I felt terrible.  But these are the days that make us grow. You can either lie down or quit, or you can stand strong and keep pressing forward. These are the days where you find out what you are made of. I can honestly say that the mission has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. I honestly know my companion loves me so much because he has given me like 4 foot/ankle massages after I rolled my ankle because he cares about me so much. I really appreciate him so much. The ankle thing only affected me for about 3 days, I’m 100% alright now.

       Wednesday- I had some bad dessert that didn’t sit well in my stomach and I taught the entire Restoration by myself for the first time, while holding back throw up. Haha!  We have a progressing investigator named Francisca who is a dwarf. I honestly think she will be baptized which is great! :)   Tonight we bought 5 kilos of açaí from drug dealers, lol.  But it IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! Frozen açaí is amazing!! But very expensive here, it is only grown in the northern parts of Brasil. 

         Thursday we had a zone conference and heard from an Area Seventy named Presidente Aidukaitis. Everyone said it was great, but it was 4 hours long and he was speaking really fast, so I only got the main ideas of what he was trying to say. But I met an Elder named Elder Allen from Manassas, Virginia who was super cool and we talked about the Redskins and it was awesome!  Again I felt a bit discouraged from not understanding much, but when we arrived home that night, I spoke and taught the best I ever had! It was amazing!

         Friday- we have an investigator named Lara. She is very, very strong in a different church and she has been taught for a long time and believes in a lot of what we teach, but not in a few things. My comp and her got into a huge 1 hour and 30 minute bible bash. It was too complex for me to understand in Portuguese so I just sat there. At the very end I bore one of the strongest testimonies I have bore, EVER. But I bore it in English. The crazy part was, they understood it all and they didn’t speak English.

     This week we had 111 street contacts, 13 investigators in sacrament meeting, 9 investigators with baptismal dates, 11 lessons taught with a member, 20 mother lessons taught, and 16 new investigators.

Sorry, our zone leader is cutting us off, got to go!!! Next week!  I love the rain!

Elder Hunt

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