Monday, October 13, 2014


Elder Hunt and Medina visiting Zilda in the hospital with her husband

Family and Friends,
Last week on P-day, we took about an hour bus ride to the hospital to visit a recent convert who wanted us to come see her.  We went with her husband. We learned that 3 people can’t visit the same person, so we pulled a James Bond type maneuver and found out 2 other people’s names of who are staying in the hospital, and used those names at the front desk. It was super sneaky because the hospital actually had much tighter security than I thought, lots of guards and security checks. Zilda was very happy we visited and we ended up teaching a lesson to the other patients in her room. 

When we got home after grocery shopping, we only had one hour of P-day left, but it was worth it to make Zilda happy. That night we taught a huge family and had 8 new investigators!

 Brasilian donuts- Elder Hunt's favorite

Tuesday- We had a Zone Conference and it was great. Our zone is a lot different from the transfers, but it was great! I learned a ton, and everyone likes me hahaha! Medina taught me that you need to be spiritual and social on the mission.  We had a great lunch, I was able to have just salad, chicken and dessert, but I started a great little trick, I bring my 2 liters of water with me so I don’t have to drink the soda- another way to be healthy here. 

Protein pancakes made with 0 Carbs!

 Elder Hunt loves the street art in Brasilandia

Wednesday-We were teaching a young woman in the favelas.  We taught her in the home of these 7 little kids who I absolutely adore, and they love me too! They all give me a big hug when we arrive and call me wolverine
We are preparing her to be baptized soon, but she was nervous about it, so out of nowhere, Elder Medina says,

"Elder Hunt will sing you all a song in English to show you how not to be scared."

Soo, I sang "Heartless" By Kanye West, but the Kris Allen version haha ;) I was nervous, but it was good :)

 Elder Hunt looking pretty swag.  
Can you picture in your mind him singing Kanye to some nervous converts?!!  

The wind was so strong that it blew out the big glass door in their house!

More Street Art

Friday- When you work super hard, the time flies by. But the mission is also going by so slow. I bought 40 eggs in the feira on Thursday and we discovered a new type of mango that is absolutely delicious!    Our lunch appointment fell through, so I just ate eggs. I went on another division with Elder Da Silva because we had a baptismal interview.


Elder Medina and I had been searching and praying for a miracle for a baptism this week, and we found one. His name is Robson and he is the uncle of Leticia from last week. He straight up found us and asked us if he could be baptized, we were ecstatic!  He's had a troubled past, but he’s all right now. 

Saturday- We started our fast and by the time we ended on Sunday, I was just about dead. The weather is sooooooo hotttttt. I was dehydrated, famished, and exhausted. It was the most difficult fast of my life. 

Robson's baptism day

Robson asked if his 1 year old daughter could come watch "her papa enter the waters of baptism and become a new clean man;" it was cute. 

Sunday his baptism was great, we had a member baptize him, this is my number 7 baptism, so excited.

The mission is super tough. This week we taught 56 total lessons, wow, we worked super hard this week. I’m exhausted. We will have more baptisms next week! 

Elder Hunt with Elders Medina, Taylor and Costa- his housemates

Sunday night, Dorinha, made Elder Medina and I key lime pie because I told her it is my favorite!!! It was delicious! But not as good as home. :)

Elder Hunt with Elder Taylor from Oklahoma

The famous, Elder Costa who has the record for the most baptisms in the mission ever, with 86 and he still has 3 months left.  

The mission is tough, super, super tough, but I need to keep pushing along. 

Elder Hunt

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