Monday, October 27, 2014

Only In Brasilandia

Elders Da Silva, Taylor and Hunt- the 3 Americans

Hey everyone!
I had a great, but wild week this week! Love you guys! :)

Cool Street Art with a message

Monday- I had a great P-day, Elder Taylor and I stayed an extra hour together to email and went and got donuts after as a treat! We totally bonded and I’m happy we are becoming closer, because I want top help him because he is American and I know exactly what he is going through. After, I worked out more, wrote letters, listened to talks by Grandpa and MOTAB music.

A less active teenager fixed our pen drives and got rid of the virus! Yes! It was cold today, which was nice because it’s been super hot lately! My personal goal for this week was to stop worrying so much about home and really focus on enjoying my experience here in Brazil and working as hard as possible with extreme focus. I’m extremely motivated this week! Let’s go!!!

Tuesday- Zone Conference was good, I bought more protein bars, Medina and I had lunch at an all- you- can eat place because they gave us money for lunch. I loved it, tons of meat and veggies, and I also discovered banana frites, fried bananas! Savory on the outside and deliciously sweet on the inside! SO good!! Before, we walked through this favela because it was quicker than going around and the same thing happened. We entered and these guys with guns called up with walkie talkies to tell everyone else we were there, but they respect us so nothing happened. 

Elders Hunt and Medina with Edwarda and Augusto

We have been working on a teenage girl and her little brother to be baptized. They finally want to be baptized, but the girl’s mom flipped out on her about random stuff and even said things as ridiculous as her daughter breaks the word of wisdom because she doesn’t get 8 hours of sleep and the word of wisdom is a health code. Little things keep getting in our way of tons of baptisms, honestly, it’s the parents of the kids and teenagers we are working with that are getting in our way and saying no. It’s just another challenge we are working through.   

These are the donuts Elder Hunt ate on P-day. 

Today was the first day I was bitten by a dog. There are TONS of stray random dogs here, EVERYWHERE. We have trouble with them sometimes, but today was the first time I was bitten. It didn’t break the skin, but the back of my calf is bruised and hurts a ton to walk.

Street Art featuring South Africa

Wednesday- It was cold and cloudy and great today! We found a random lime cake mix and everyone in the house decided that we should make it, but Elder Costa took the lead and poured the mix and a whole liter of milk in the blender without reading the instructions...our "cake" was over before it began. We then did everything we could to try and save our precious cake. We added eggs, hot chocolate mix, coconut flakes, butter, chocolate frosted flakes...and even protein powder, but nothing did the job. Then the others decided that I should just make pancakes out of it, so I did and they turned out all right. 

Elder Hunt holding 'Pricilla,' the fat white rabbit

After, we went to lunch and I discovered they had a pet rabbit! I decided I was going to catch it and take a picture with it! It’s just a rabbit, I mean come on, how difficult could it be, right?  On the roof of this house I tried to catch this fat, white rabbit named Pricilla for over a half hour...Elder Taylor was with me and was the designated cameraman because he didn’t want to touch the "dirty rabbit," and Medina and Costa were downstairs, so I tried to catch this rabbit alone. It would run and hide and I’d have to chase it and find it over and over and over.  I was exhausted. 

Elder Hunt likes rabbits.  Ha ha.

Eventually the others joined us and by then I was drenched in sweat. All together we caught the rabbit, and Elder Costa victoriously snatched it up by the ears. I thought it was really funny. In the end I got my picture and we went down to eat as champions. 
Rabbit: 0 Elders:1. We will meet again, rabbit.

Pricilla, the rabbit

Also, these drugged out kids threw tons of fruit at us today, I didn’t like it, but luckily for us they missed every time. Here, no one does anything to our faces, only when we are walking away, no one has courage.

Elder Hunt eating a pastel

Thursday- In the feira, Elder Media and I tasted a Brazilian classic, a pastel! A fried square tortilla type thing filled with whatever you want, I got egg and meat!   Later Elder Da Silva and I went on a division and went off!!! Together we gave out 45 Books of Mormon, taught 31 lessons, had 7 new investigators, and 88 contacts!!!! We went off!! We gave out every Book of Mormon in the chapel and all of them he had in his apartment. If we would have had more, we could have kept going! I love being the "senior." I do so much better, learn much quicker, and grow a TON!

Elder Hunt with a combat fighting knife

Elder Hunt and Elder Da Silva, who go on exchanges often together

But there was one experience...we only had 2 books left, it was about 8:30pm. We saw a huge group of people walking towards us a bit down the street. I told Elder Da Silva we would give our last 2 Books Of Mormon out to these people, no matter what.   We walked to the group of people, introduced ourselves, and by the time we realized, it was too late... At that moment, we were surrounded by 7 super gay guys and a girl all whacked out on drugs...we were surrounded...this was the beginning of the end... I started talking about the Book Of Mormon, but they were all more interested in me and my biceps than the book! They were creepy and weird! They kept trying to touch me and were asking me all these strange gay questions. I explained about the book, they took our last 2 and then they said they also practiced black magic...I kept my cool, but tried to hurry and made an excuse to leave. As I said that, the group attacked me and a few of them tried to hug and kiss me, so I pulled a ‘swim, spin, and rip’ move from football (thank you Coach Yarno.)  Elder Da Silva and I sprinted away!!! It was super scary, they touched me, ewwwwwww.  I was super disturbed! What an experience, I will not forget that.

 Sargent Hunt

Friday-Today we fought so hard for 3 children and 2 different sets of parents stopped their kids from being baptized.   They parents refused to allow it, even though the children want to. We tried so hard and we were honesty super disappointed and sad after, but we kept our heads up and kept working. 

Elevator selfie

We taught the boyfriend of recent convert Daniella about the law of chastity, and he didn’t like it. He respects us a ton and really wants to change his life, so we are trying to help them get married, but before he could get baptized he needs to stop some issues he has.  

Saturday-Through tons of drama I BAPTIZED Edwarda today.  We worked so hard with Edwarda and her brother and their less active mother, but we FINALLY baptized Edwarda and her brother.  After the baptism we had 1 hour left before curfew and we needed a miracle, so we sprinted to the house of Felipe and told him he would be baptized tomorrow and he said he would think about it, to our surprise!

Shoes hanging on the wires

Sunday- We awoke to a large section of the road closed down somewhat close to where we live. It was the re-vote for the presidency of Brasil on Sunday, and it’s a big deal, so we thought it was for that. While picking up investigators for church, we discovered what had happened. We stumbled upon the scene of the crime, a body in the street in a body bag. The police have killed 2 people, there were literally bodies in the streets. The bodies remained there for most of the day as well. It really shook up the area, all the people, traffic, everything.  It was very solemn. Brasil is crazy.

Maria Hellena, on her baptism day

Maria Hellena was baptized, (I baptized her) but we had to get a ride far away to get her because she decided she didn’t want to be baptized today...but we convinced her and she was so happy afterwards. Felipe was not baptized, so we ended our week with only 3 baptisms. 

Sunday Lunch- YUM

Elder Hunt's Key Lime Pie

Dorinha, who made Sunday lunch for the Elders

We had an amazing lunch at Dorinha’s; she made me key lime pie again! :)  I know she loves me for making this pie. It rained a ton. We gave out a ton of Books Of Mormons to try and win the zone vs. zone mission wide competition, but we ended up coming in 2nd.  Also, Dilma won the Presidency of Brasil; she’s gay, doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t like the church and she semi communist. There are rumors of civil war.

Dulce de Leche filled donuts Elder Hunt bought today

Pasoca, this is the closest thing to Peanut Butter than they have in Brasil.  It is delicious and has a good mix of protein, fat and carbs.

In other news, I’m doing extremely well, I’m very happy and focused, I love being here; I love serving! 

Brasil is the best place to serve a mission possible!

Elder Hunt

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