Monday, November 3, 2014

A Semana De Pele Ruin- The Week of Bad Skin

Maybe this is why Elder Hunt has a RASH?! :)

Monday- I had a good p day. I was on the computer for a longer time, which was nice. Elder Taylor and I always stay together now and stay for extra time. That night we went and printed off all our baptism pictures; every baptism, 1 for me, 1 for Elder Medina, 1 for the person, and one for the church building! I also bought folder type things to save all my photos, letters, and mission stuff.

At the All You Can Eat Restaurant

Meat and Fresh Fruit

Tuesday-We had interviews with President Farnes!!! It was great! I love President Farnes so much! He is so loving, encouraging, and wise. He said how proud he was of Elder Medina and I for our hard work. President Farnes said how we can help the rest of the mission have the success and desire that we have. He was so encouraging and helpful to me, I feel nothing but love and support from President Farnes. I literally could never ask for a better mission president then President Farnes.     After, we had a zone meeting and learned how we can better integrate temple work/family history work into our missionary work; it was awesome. After, we went and ate at the famous all you can eat place in Pirituba and it was delicious! It had tons of chicken, steak, and fresh fruit, which we never have at members’ houses for lunch. And then Elder Taylor and I finished off with McFlurries- haha :) Yeah America!

Package from Elder Hunt's Nana and Papa

Wednesday-I found out that my package from Nana had arrived, but instead of the usual of the package just going to the mission office, it was being held at a post office 30 min away from the mission office. I also found out that I would need to pay $237R to pick it up and that if it were not picked up within 3 days, it would be sent back to the US... my heart sunk. I went to the ATM and was having issues withdrawing money. The mission ended up paying for my package, so I will not receive mission money for about 3 months. The post office is one place you cannot use a credit or debit card, only cash.   In the end, we went to the mission office, had a wild goose chase finding the post office, I had to show ID to pick up my package and pay the cash, and then after I found out how I can withdraw cash with my card, so everything is alright now.  

Today we also taught an ex Olympic wrestler named Vanderli. He was the champ of Brasil and placed in the Olympics. Now he’s over 50 years old and still has arms bigger than mine- he’s jacked! But he is so soft-spoken and sweet. When you look at him you can just tell he was one of the greats, but he is very humble and quiet. His wife is a member, and she helps us a ton, her husband has just not wanted to get baptized yet.

Quest Bars, a special treat

Thursday-Everything in the package was absolutely amazing! Quest bars! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The best flavors too!!! Today I got wicked sunburn, my first bad one of the mission, but fortunately here, sunburns don’t last as long for some reason. 

The family of Venicious and Vitoria on their baptism day

We have been working with brother and sister duo Venicious and Vitoria, who are 15 and 16 years old. They live DEEP in the favela, but they both believe and want to get baptized. Venicious especially is elect, he learned so quick and remembers everything we teach day to day.  

We are also working with a cute 9 little year old girl named Ana Marcia, whose parents are inactive and are coming back.  She is so sweet and we are trying to baptize her this week because this Sunday is the primary program, and her part is to share her testimony of baptism, so we want to baptize her the morning of so it will be fresh in her mind and an even more special day for her.

Elder Hunt's white blister rash

          Friday-  Happy Halloween. I was mistaken last week, today was the final day of the zone vs. zone competition and we needed to win! I went on a division with Elder Da Silva and we did reverse Halloween! We gave out every single Book of Mormon we had in our whole district! 94 Books Of Mormon!!! We also made 158 street contacts, taught 29 lessons, and 2 family home evenings about family history including an English accapela version of "I am a child of God" twice haha. It was great. It also POURED rain that evening. What a day! Also, at the hottest part of the day we went and taught a lesson and gave Books of Mormon to the Açai selling drug dealers, and out of such respect and happiness from our gift, they rewarded us with a free liter of AÇAI!!! Yeah! What luck!    That night my rash got worse and it was so hot and I did not sleep for more than 1 hour, it was horrible.

 Elder Hunt bought MEAT
He is a pretty good cook!

Saturday- We went right to the house of Daniella, Maria Hellena, and Robson to take Daniella and her boyfriend to get married, so then we can baptize him too. Right at 8am we arrived at their house and told them to be ready so we could leave immediately and go to the cartorio, where people get married. Of course they were all asleep and they took 2 hours to get ready and then we got to the cartorio and we were late and they forgot one paper, so they didn’t get married.  But the cartorio was cool, there were tons of people getting married! That night the rash got worse so I took a cold shower.

Elder Hunt and Venicious, fresh out of the waters of baptism

         Sunday-Sunday and Saturday we fasted and on Sunday we had the baptisms of Vitoria and Venicious! The sad thing was that they only had enough bus money for one of them to go to church, so Venicious let his sister go. When we found this out in sacrament meeting, we immediately found someone with a car and went and picked him up. Everything was a success! 

They mark our 9th and 10th baptisms of the transfer! That is great! We are shooting to break the record of 15 in one transfer and we will see next week! This is the final week of the transfer and it will be Elder Medina’s last week in Brasiliandia. He has spent his entire 7 months on the mission here so we are going to go out with a bang!!!

Vitoria, just baptized

After the baptism my rash had spread to my whole body and it was death, it was horrible. Dorinha made us lunch and a key lime pie again which was great! But I headed to the pharmacy and bought creme and pills and put the cream all over my whole body. It is better, but not a lot better.

Key Lime Pie, again

Monday- On the way walking to the Lan House (just Elder Taylor and I), some Brasil cops called us over to their car. One officer had a pistol drawn and Elder Taylor and I were scared out of our minds. What did they want? Why did he have a gun drawn?! We started talking and we told him who we are and what we are doing here, and then the officer went on and on about how impressed he was with us! It was so cool! We taught a mini lesson and talked with him for almost 30 minutes! It was so cool! We were scared in the beginning because of the harsh reputation of Brasilian cops. He said he was different and was very cool with us. He was very interested in our church and us so we got his address and the other Elders in Freguisia Do O will hopefully visit him!  

It’s been a good week! I’m motivated and happy! But I’ve been having rash and sunburn issues. I’m going to miss Elder Medina A TON when he leaves after this week! I hope my next companion will be good as well! 

Another thing, about our purpose as missionaries in regards to baptism. We want to baptize as many people as possible because EVERYONE will be baptized, whether it be in this life or in work in the temple. Everyone will be baptized, so why not now while these people still have the chance to change their lives.

Also, we had the mission record this week for the most lessons taught, with 61 lessons taught!

Love you guys! See you guys next week!

Elder Hunt

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