Monday, April 13, 2015

Beleza- Beauty

Monday- Great P-day, email was great and in the afternoon I wrote letters, worked out and printed Hugo's baptismal photo and bought a frame AND his favorite desert strawberry pie.  :)
The 'w' sign with the arrow signifies 'baptisms'

Tuesday-We had a great Zone Training by the Zone leaders. The zone training meant that I didn’t have to prepare anything for this week. The zone training didn’t leave me "President Farnes mission training happy" but it was still good. I’m trying once again to have an especially amazing week like last week! 

We visited a ton of people, we had to cut people who aren’t progressing, but it was a fine afternoon. But that night was one of the COLDEST nights I’ve ever experienced in my life and 100% sure the coldest on my mission. 
It is Fall in Brasil and Elder Hunt is getting cold at night.  He is pulling out his sweaters and a beanie.

My comp is from Rio de Janeiro and he just about died. He slept with like 6 layers of clothes and a beanie because he’s not accustomed to the cold. But I honestly really did enjoy the cold.  :) 

Today I also got a letter from Elder Drake Marley that contained a very awesome note, pictures, and a tie with PEACOCKS on it. :) Thanks a ton Drake! 

Elder Hunt wearing his 'thriftshop music video' outfit

Wednesday-Today was fine, but slow. I wore the peacock tie to give it a whirl, the morning was cold so I also wore a multicolored cardigan Elder Zenteno gave me along with it, I looked like I should have been an action stunt double in the Macklemore "Thiftshop" music video. 

Today we did stuff with "Porque Ele Vive" or ‘Because He Lives,’ a campaign being used by the church right now. Phrase of the day from Drakes letter 
"Don’t regret the process of becoming strong."

Elder Hunt is doing 'bilingual study' - Spanish and Portuguese

Thursday-Today was my 9 month mission mark. We were given a list of people not baptized but who are on ward records and President asked us to go visit these people. Among the people on the list, we encountered a less active 40 year old man named Mendonça who we ended up finding out served a mission here in Sao Paulo North 20 years ago. When he passed through Cachoreihna he baptized many of the firm prominent ward members such as the 1st counselor in the Bishopric's wife. He is a very interesting man. We want to baptize his 9 year old daughter. 

Friday-Weekly planning. Fine visits. We found a family of 7 which has a little promise, they are very lost in the world right now, but we will see. This night was actually a little hot and I had difficulties getting to sleep. 

Elder Hunt made a friend

Saturday-Elder Anderson did an interview for us in the morning. We had a great lunch with some of our favorite members, Pricilla, Rafael, and Marcos! We were in our normal places today, Pery Alto, Eliza Maria, and Santa Cruz.

Mr. Goose

Sunday-We woke up early, got ready and ran to the church super fast to get there in time for our baptism at 8am. But she didn’t show up...We went to look for her and her granddaughter but they weren’t home. The morning was cool and foggy. Hugo was confirmed which was a small daily victory! #LiVE 

That afternoon we passed by to see what had happened with Vera and Adrieli, the two that were supposed to have been baptized that morning. It was complicated, but Adrieli had gone to the hospital and there were some problems. 

Vera on her baptism day with Elder Hunt, Elder Nunes and her family member

BUT, we called Bishop and our Ward Mission Leader and marked Vera's baptism for 4:30 pm. We gave a few blessings to people in the ward who had gotten 'Dengue Fever,' a really bad mosquito spread sickness that is getting a lot of people right now. 

We picked Vera up for her baptism and took a bus to the church.  I baptized her and it was a highlight of my week. IT WAS FABULOUS. 

Elder Hunt with a random Uruguay apron

We also found out that D Todd Christofferson will be coming to Sao Paulo North in the beginning of May, so it will be interesting to see what happens with that! :)


I love you all,
Elder Hunt

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