Monday, April 27, 2015

Zone Leader, 50th Baptism, Lazurus

Elder Hunt is leaving Cachoreihna and being transferred to a city called Itu

So first off, I've been transferred! I’m going to a place in the interior of Sao Paulo called "Itu." It is slower paced and relaxed there. There are no favella and the whole everything is different, so this should be a big adjustment for me. Also, I've been called to be a Zone Leader in this new area and be a Zone leader with Elder Farias, an Elder from Maseo,Brasil which is in the north.  Our zone is called Zone "Itu." Elder Farias is a very experienced Elder and he has already been Assistant to the President. It will be an excellent opportunity being with him because of the vast amount of experience he has.

I’ve also picked up the new mission nickname "Lazarus" because I almost died from Dengue, and now the whole mission knows about it. :)  It’s pretty funny, but now I’m alive and well. I’m back and ready to kill it in ITU!

Monday-I was dying of dengue last p day. While I've been sick we have watched a few church movies.  Saratov Approach, Ephraim's Rescue and other great Church produced films! :)

Tuesday-I was too sick to give my training, so one of our zone leaders gave it for me. Later in the day we ended up doing a division so we could get some work done. I stayed at Hugo’s house because Hugo’s dad is an Elder. Elder Nunes went out with a teenager from the ward and they worked a little bit. 

Wednesday-We did the same thing, but because Hugo’s dad wasn’t home I went to the house of Irmao Marcos, Rafael, and Pricila. I stayed with Marcos (60yrs) and sat on the couch bored out of my mind for hours on end trying to rest and recover. I’ve been pretty sick and weak. I have lost some weight, which isn’t good because it’s been a ton of muscle. :( But it’s whatever. 

Thursday and Friday-We did the same thing as Tuesday and Thursday except when I was at Hugo’s house again he made homemade banana donut holes and smoothies.  They were delicious. 

Adrielli, on her baptism day with her Grandma, Elder Nunes and Elder Hunt

Saturday-I was back up to almost full strength, so we worked like normal. We went to visit Adrielli, looking for a miracle. We taught her, cleared up her doubts once and for all 100%, and then we invited her to be baptized that day. About 4 hours later she was baptized! :) She just happened to be the 50th person I've baptized on my mission so far, so it was extra special for me. :) Now her, her Grandmother Vera (from 2 weeks ago) and her brother are all baptized! :)

The house Elder Hunt has lived in in Cachoreihna

Sunday-Today was when we found out about the transfers. It feels so strange leaving this area. I got here in December, but I am VERY ready to leave, but I will not lie, I will miss it. I stayed 3 transfers in my first area in Brasilandia, 3 here, and now I’m going to Itu; I’m seeing a trend. My companion will be staying here in Cachoreihna, it will also be his 3rd transfer here.

Church was good and then we had an amazing lasagna with Brother Silvano! And while he was making lunch he put on some old music with his record player ha. 

Music that Brother Silvano was playing

Elder Hunt says he is not a hipster

Monday-I’ve been packing my bag and this afternoon we are going to Outback with Hugo for our last "hoorah" all together as friends :)

Something I also wanted to share is D&C 121:34-35, ‘many are called but few are chosen.’ It says that MANY are called but only few are chosen because those who are called aren’t able to realize what things are truly of importance here on the earth and for eternal life.

I think this is something that all of us truly struggle with, being able to forget what others think about us and truly put the Lord and His opinion of us FIRST. This is one of the most simple and most important of life lessons, but it is honestly one of the most difficult to live. 

Itu will be amazing, here I come!

Elder Hunt

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