Monday, May 4, 2015

The Best Week of My Life, But Seriously

Best week of Elder Hunt's life

Tuesday-Starting off with transfers. We arrived and my companion was not there, I later learned that he stayed in Itu with other missionaries to work and he would be there that night waiting for me. Always transfers are great, I get to see my great friends. :) President Farnes spoke to us, and the most important thing we need to do is act and think as if it were impossible for us to fail. Also our mission is the second highest baptizing mission in Brasil, only behind Mission Curitiba. So, in a way to get ourselves in first place for saving souls through baptism by immersion and the gift of The Holy Ghost in the best country in the entire world, we are knocking over 100 doors every single day, talking to everyone, and using our efforts and time with people who want to be helped, the people who are ready NOW, not the people who do not want to be helped.  

Elder Hunt's new house in Itu

I got on the bus to Itu, it was about 1 hour and 30 min ride. We arrived that night and I met my comp Elder Farias, and then, there, my life and mission changed. 

A map of Itu 

Their Baptism Goal!

Wednesday-We had district meeting, but it turned into a zone training because we used up the entire time. It was great, our baptismal goal as a zone for the month is 37 and we have 9 companionships. It was a great meeting and everyone left happy and excited! 


That afternoon we started on our 100 doors, we found many amazing people! In the night we met with 2 people who had baptismal dates marked for this weekend. We found out that we had to go to the neighboring city because of the leadership counsel the next day. We were so lost in the work that we ended up having to run 4 miles without stopping to catch our bus to the city of Sorrocaba. We arrived that night and slept in the house of other missionaries. 

Elder Hunt and his new comp Elder Farius

Thursday-Leadership counsel was amazing! All the zone leaders ad assistants were there. President Farnes taught us many new things, and we discussed how we can make the mission better! It was a great experience! :)

Elder Hunt on the streets of Itu

Friday-We got the amazing pleasure to hear from Elder Whitney Clayton of the 70. It was our mission along with mission Sao Paulo East. Every missionary introduced himself or herself to him, and when I introduced myself he told me how much he loves Papa and about how such great friends they are. In the end of the meeting he called me out of the crowd to take a picture with me. 

Saturday-We did divisions to do baptismal interviews and I went with Elder Galeano, a Columbian Elder who has less than 2 years as being a member of the church; he is amazing. 
Itubaina, the soda of Itu

Elder Hunt set up his pull-up bar and rings

Weight room in his new house

Sunday-Elder Whitney Clayton came to our stake in Itu and did another amazing talk :) Our baptisms fell, but that day we worked harder than I ever have in my entire live and it was amazing. 

Elder Hunt and Elder Farias

My comp Elder Farias is the most humble and powerful missionary I've ever met in my entire live. He is so obedient and amazing. We work SO hard and push one another to give all we have every second of every day. This is exactly the companion I've always wanted and he is making me better and better every day. We motivate and serve each other, which is the best. He is amazing, I am so, so thankful to be here in this area with my companion. I've never been happier in my entire life. Expect greatness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Hunt is so happy in his new area, the happiest he has ever been in his whole life he says!

Elder Hunt

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