Monday, May 11, 2015

Everything Is Bigger In Itu

Everything is BIGGER in ITU

Monday-I don’t really have a p-day anymore being a zone leader, but I love it. ;) We go to sleep getting numbers, wake up getting number, and follow up with the districts and individual numbers. We then give our numbers to the Assistants and do a follow up with them about the zone. We plan and plan and plan and plan and analyze what went wrong, what went right, what to change, what to keep, divisions and trainings for the week, etc. We do a lot, but it’s great! 

We bought groceries, cleaned a bit.   Elder Farias and I worked 1.5 hours putting up my Olympic rings and pull-up bar. I taught Elder Farias how to throw a football, we went to email, we went out to work at 6pm, and that was p-day. 

A famous church in Itu

Tuesday-So we live 3-4 miles away from the bus station. The bus to district meeting takes about 20 minutes, and we have to get 80lbs of Books of Mormon to District meeting by 9:30am. We rushed, found someone’s old abandoned suitcase in the house, put the Books of Mormon in it and we were on our way. Less than half way there both wheels broke, forcing me to put the Book of Mormon filled suitcase on my back to carry it.
The streets of Itu

Due to the complications, we missed our bus, the only other bus to where we were going wasn’t to leave until after district meeting would end...the only option was to pay for a taxi, but hey, at least we arrived to district meeting in style. ;)

Elder Patterson in Morada do Sol

At the District meeting we gave a zone training about what we learned at leadership counsel. After, I went on a division with Elder Patterson to his area in Morada Do Sol. We ate lunch and got to work. We knocked SO many doors and made many contacts. By the end of the day we had talked to over 250 people! Great, tiring day!

Wednesday-We woke up and took twp young couples to get married! But relax, this was just to get the papers to get them started. But we are hoping to help them get married as soon as possible, to then baptize them after.

We had lunch at a great all-you-can eat place for super cheap. This day we followed up with a lot of elect investigators and knocked doors.

Thursday-We woke up early to do interviews for the sisters. We took the long trip. I ended up interviewing a guy who has killed 4 people and was heavily involved in the drug trade; it was one of my more interesting interviews. 

The sweet family of 11 that made Marcus dinner and gave them ice-cream

Today we found a family of 12 and another family of 11 with 8 kids!  With the family of 11 we taught a super powerful lesson and afterward, out of nowhere they made us dinner and gave us a carton of ice cream for the road!  It was so nice!  :)

007 car ai sim!

Friday-We planned, went to do a division once again with Morado Do Sol to help with interviews. We worked a bit in the area and then went to help all the sisters with their interviews. I did interviews at a house, the chapel, and then back at another house! It was wild and we didn’t get back home until late.

Overlooking Itu

Saturday-We finished the division in the morning, worked a ton on our activity for that night, and had lunch. We did follow up and tried to get interviews done in our area, but no one was home. :(

Meet the Mormons in Portuguese!

Everything was good and ready for our event 7pm Saturday night at the church. The PowerPoint, practices, everything, the only thing missing was the members... and then no one showed up... It was going to be a huge training for the members to help them be more confident in inviting people to the huge event on the 16th to watch "Meet the Mormons."   They will be able to learn more about the church.

Elder Hunt with Elder and Sister Clayton

Sunday-Good day, but church was very empty. My comp and I bore our testimonies due to the stake event with Elder Whitney Clayton last week. We had four people at church and all four of them have a baptismal date for next week. 

We had a good lunch, then talked with our families for a little bit. The connection was bad so I didn’t talk long and I was skyping on someone’s cell phone, but it’s alright. 

Having a little too much fun with Elder Farias' leather coat

After we went trying to baptize two teenage girls who had baptismal dates for Sunday, but it didn’t work out. 

This morning Elder Farias and I played football for about an hour so that was fun. I’m doing well. I have a great comp, great area, great ward, and a great future ahead!!! :)

Com muito amor,
 Elder Hunt

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