Monday, July 27, 2015

Four Teenage Boys!

Elder Alvis and Elder Hunt

Monday-We made homemade pizza and we found a super elect family! We were walking to an appointment and out of nowhere Elder Alvis is like, "STOP, let’s knock this door!” We did, and taught an awesome lesson and found a ton of elects! That night we followed up with all of Claudionor's friends (Claudionor who got baptized last week); they are a funny group of boys. 

Homemade pizza that Elder Hunt made- one chocolate, one with meat

Tuesday-District meeting. Ugh way too much on the bus today. Bus to district meeting, bus back, bus to lunch in Jardim Aeroporto, a bus super far away to as Chacaras dos Machados. This Chacara is a huge, rich ranch that is far away. We marked to visit at 3pm, we got there at 3pm and they said they were leaving...we asked them if we could at least pray with them to not lose the long trip and they said no.  L We then took another bus to get to another bus stop to get a bus to Potigaura (another place in our area.) We taught a lesson with a girl who goes to church every week and is the sister of a member named Rafaela. 

Wednesday-Our awesome recent convert David works at Herbal Life and has a good buddy that works there named Marcio. He wanted us to go there and teach him, so we did. We taught him the Restoration and explained a lot about who we are and why we are here. He showed interest but was also very strong about his beliefs, but hey, at least we got a free protein shake, haha. 

Members made us a BBQ with a ton of meat for us for lunch! It was great!!! That night we went back and visited all the Ceramica country folk. 

Thursday-We made a ton of preparations for the church soccer game that would be held that night. We bought all the teenage boys we are teaching food and soda for after soccer. We picked them all up, they played, ate, and we taught! It was great and they loved it! 

Friday- We had lunch far away again in Potigauara so we used the opportunity to teach Rafaela. We had a good lesson especially with her older brother being there. He is strong in a different church, but we totally changed his mind. :) We found a bunch of news and once again visited the Ceramica folk.

Cidade Nova
The swimming pool where a child was baptized!

Saturday-Today we did a division with Cidade Nova. There in CN they interviewed and baptized a kid in a swimming pool because their chapel was out of water, how cool!

Elder Zenteno and I got A TON of interviews done in our area! Great day!  That night David bought us pizza too!

Maycon, Luan, Walison, and Joao Vitor on their baptism day 
with Elders Hunt and Alvis

Sunday-We picked up all our investigators for church. A lot of them made excuses and didn't go...but the four teenagers did and they were baptized afterwards! It was sick! It was so great! Maycon, Luan, Walison, and João Vitor were all baptized! Today was an awesome day. 
Elder Hunt earned the 'desire' plate last week in the mission.

After we ate lunch and had a meeting with the Stake President discussing ways we could improve the zone. Today was a very good day. Also we found a ton of novos (new investigators.) This week I found the most new investigators than any other week in my mission; we found 62 this week! 
A huge papaya!

Our zone is still in 1st place in the mission competition! We have 30 baptisms in the month and we need 11 more before Saturday to break the mission record! Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing great here and love the work,

Elder Hunt

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