Monday, July 20, 2015

When I thought it couldn't get any better, I got Elder Alvis

Elder Hunt with his new companion, Elder Alvis, from Texas

This week were transfers! I am here in the fabulous big city of Itu for my third transfer with my new comp, Elder Alvis, from Texas. He is a huge fan of football, working out, protein, and baptizing; we're already off to a great start :)  Our morning workouts are killer, he makes incredible scrambled eggs, and I've never met anyone who can make me laugh quite like Elder Alvis!

Last night before transfers and Elder Farias and Hunt got new comps

     Monday night Farias and I visited our recent converts and he gave his last good byes. Also, Elder Quero and Galeano slept over at our house Monday night to catch the early bus to get to transfers the next morning. 

Elder Limo Neto and Elder Hunt at Transfers

     Tuesday-TRANSFERS!!! Transfer meeting was sick! I won "the license plate of desire" for baptizing 10 in the month. It was super cool!  I met up with all my old buddies and met my new comp, Elder Alvis! :) After we had a short leadership meeting with the President, he talked a lot about the difference between having a testimony and being converted. On the bus ride home I gave a huge motivational talk to the zone.
Itu is a fun place

Showing Elder Alvis around town

     Wednesday-We had district meeting and taught a bunch of new things for the zone. We had great trainings and the zone is pumped! On our way to lunch we saw one of our recent converts. She was with a ton of her friends and her friends became quite "interested" in our message, and us. At one point we asked one of them about one of the children that was with them. One of the women responded "He's mine, and soon he could be yours too..." woahhhhh snakeeeeeeeeeeee. Yikes.

Eating Acai

     But also today we had a huge miracle. We went to an area I've never worked in before looking for a member reference. We knocked on a door looking for the right house, and we starting talking to a woman, and she began to weep. She explained to us that that very morning she had ran out of food and money and she prayed to God, asking to send her two of his angles if he had not forgotten her, and in that very afternoon, we arrived at her doorstep. She was humbled and amazed. She accepted a baptismal invite instantaneously. 

Elder Hunt and Elder Zenteno

     Thursday-We did a division with Cidade Nova to do baptismal interviews. I was able to be with my old comp Elder Zenteno again! He is one of our district leaders here in the zone! It was so great to be with him again! :)

Elder Hunt found this suit in the closet at the house he is living in.   

At the wedding of Gilmar and Leonar

Gilmar and Leonor on their baptism day with their family

     Friday-We had the wedding and baptisms of Gilmar and Leonor! They are my 2nd marriage here on the mission and in Itu! Farias was able to come back to be a testimony and after he had to go back to his area. 

     The rest of the day we left our area and did baptismal interviews for the areas Salto and Monte Serra. It was quite the day! Interviews and a ton of walking haha :)

     Saturday-We did more baptismal interviews and worked A TON!!!! 
Claudionor, on his baptism day

     Sunday-We went to pick up the people who were to get baptized that day and they had already gone haha. But they never showed up...later on we walked back, found them and called for a ride for them. In the end, just Claudionor, a teenager, the child of the miracle woman on Wednesday, came. He was super nervous, but he was baptized.
A new area that is in the countryside where Elder Hunt went finding.

It is a brick factory.

This is where they fire the bricks

     We had lunch and that afternoon we walked SUPER far away into the countryside looking for a brick factory. We found 3 very good and very humble families who all accepted baptismal invites for here in 2 weeks, it was spectacular!!! :) 

Elder Hunt and Elder Alvis' homemade pizza

     Great week!!!! We made homemade pizza today! The zone baptized 9 this week and we are still in 1st place in the zone competition!!!! :)

Much Love, 
Elder Hunt!!!

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