Monday, August 24, 2015

Chau Itu, Hello Alphaville

First off, I have been transferred. I will be going Zona Alphaville and will continue to serve as a Zone Leader.  My new area is called "Engenho Novo." My new companion will be Elder Messick, an American Elder from Utah; he has about 11 months on the mission. 

My time with Elder Alvis has been great, I can honestly say that he is the best friend I have made here on the mission. We were a great team, and even though it is very sad for us both to part ways, we live in the U.S. so we will be buds forever and still hang after our missions, so it’s all good! :) But in the 6 weeks we had together we were able to baptize 12 people together all 6 weeks consecutively. Our zone also baptized 8 this week, so it was good, but we can do much better! I hope that all that has been built here and Itu can continue with success. All that I have learned I will take with me to my new zone and area to do the very best that I can. 

Monday- We had our huge pizza activity, but I ran out of time last week, so I wasn’t able to elaborate and tell you about it. We went to a chacara, which is a big piece of land that rich people live on. So a member in Cidade Nova has a chacara and used to own a pizza company, so he said if we bought the ingredients, he would help us make all the pizzas in his pizza oven. We made pizza, played football, and other stuff, it was a ton of fun! 
Ana Flavia on her baptism day

Tuesday- Ana Flavia was baptized! Ana Flavia is Amabile's sister, who was baptized last week! Great day, great service. That night a family of our recent converts made us dinner so that was nice :)

Wednesday- Our usual follow up, looking for news, and pregando O Evangelho de Cristo! But that night we felt something that told us to visit a the girlfriend of a recent convert (Natalia) who has been investigating the church. We starting teaching her, her little sister, and their mother. After a great lesson they all accepted a baptismal invite for the next day! It was a great lesson and a great experience. 

Thursday- Sort of a sad day, Natalia and her family flaked out on us and got mole. We were also in a division with Cidade Nova; I was with Zenteno, who is always super fun. haha :)

Friday-We literally got to Cidade Nova at 9:30am and got back home at 9:30pm. We spent the entire day in Cidade Nova doing their interviews because Zenteno went to Porto Feliz to do interviews for the sisters. By the end of the day we had completed over 8 interviews. But we got to know better Zenteno's comp Elder Alves, who is serving a mini mission. He lives in our mission and is just getting a taste of missionary work and he is super good! Usually young missionaries don’t know what to do and are shy, but this Elder Alves is super good!

Saturday-On another division with Cidade Nova, we followed up with everyone to go to church on Sunday. We had a miracle with a girl named Carol, who was interviewed and was going to be baptized! Later that night we went back to Cidade Nova to make sure their baptisms happened, and they did! During the whole day, Elder Alvis was in Porto Feliz doing more interviews. 

Elder Hunt, Almir, and Elder Alvis

Sunday-Transfer news. Carol was going to get baptized, but got nervous and didn’t want to anymore. :( We had lunch with Almir; We worked a little in the CDHU then we went to Salto to do interviews, but the interviews didn’t happen. So then we went and taught a bunch of mole Haitians who don’t understand Portuguese. Long sad day, last full day in Itu. 

 Monday- I packed up all my stuff, I only have a bit more to pack and transfer meeting will be awesome tomorrow! Excited for the new opportunities that are ahead! :) 

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