Monday, September 21, 2015

LiVE (Little Victories Everyday- the little 'i' is to forget yourself)


Monday-We went to 25 de Março and went to that awesome meat and pizza place! :)

Tuesday-We had the amazing experience to be able to go to the temple! We were able to go as a zone because we broke our zone record last month. It was a super spiritual experience where I was able to receive personal revelation, but more importantly, revelation for our investigators and our zone. Great temple experience! After we went to the Deseret Book of Brasil, which had some tasty American goodies. ;) 

This week was focused on two big families in particular, the families of Cristina and of Zu. We visited their two families every single night with members to do as much as we possibly could to baptize their two large families. 

Quarta Feira-Great district meeting, we did a fun little training making the whole zone of 20 people share one small one small cookie, then reading D&C 18:16, then at the part where it says that your joy will be greater with many souls, we threw 20 Reese's peanut butter cups into the crowd! haha They loved it!

Quinta Feira-The highlight of the day was my division to Cajamar! In the evening I went with a teenager in our ward to the sister's area of Cajamar.  I showed up in style with my dark suit jacket, and tan pants and I did two baptismal interviews. haha :) But the real highlight is who gave us a ride, his name is Kawé, he is 19 years old, is preparing to serve his mission, and the best part, HE HAS A NEED FOR SPEED. He drove us around and ended up driving me home in a sports car that had no limits. ;) He drove me home SO fast that my entire wonderful car driving memories all whooshed back, Drake Marley knows what I'm talking about. ;) 

We ended up getting lost at one point, but we talked a ton about the mission and our lives and we became very good friends! AND I got home safe, sound, and with a healthy adrenaline high. :)

Sexta Feira-We bought 70 eggs for the equivalent of 7 American cents per egg, yay America! 1Real is 4 American dollars! Tons of lessons, and also this week WAS A SCORCHER! It was very, very, very hot this week, more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit per day!

Sabado-We did a divison with Vila Dirce, but this time I stayed in our area with the fabulous Minas Gerais raised Elder Marcos! He is honestly so remarkable, he was baptized at 17 and went on his mission at 19! He is a great leader and a great friend. Tons of interviews, and in the end I thought we had at least 2 firm baptisms for Sunday, but the darkness won this round. 

Domingo-Our Sunday was full of letdowns, BUT implementing and living President Farnes famous "LiVE" (Little victories everyday) we had at least 2 victories.

First, Erick, (Wesley and William's cousin) went to church and he LOVED IT! He participated, asked questions, and even watched a baptism from the sisters. Amongst it all, he asked if he could be baptized that same day, but he has to go to church next week and he will be baptized this Sunday. He is such an elect, and he is always asking about serving a mission! 

The second miracle was João. He is a man who the sisters baptized, but the man has a problem with his arm and leg and he is very large, so Elder Messick and I both entered in the water and we baptized him. I did the ordinance, and we both had to lift him up. It was a great special baptism; what a great man! :) LiVE!  
This next week will be much better as a zone and we are going to the temple again tomorrow!!!! :)

Elder Hunt

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