Monday, September 7, 2015

Gripado- The Flu

Monday- Today was a fine p day- sleep, numbers for the assistants, a subway sandwich, and some weighted pull-ups and ring dips, with some visits in the night. 

Tuesday- District meeting! As a motivating activity, I had everyone jump over a stick, lifting it higher and higher until no one else could jump over it. Then I got the Elder who jumped the highest, and asked him to jump over the stick at a very low height, and he only did a little jump to clear the stick. The point was that he only did a little jump when everyone already saw that he could jump higher because that was all that he had to do.  This teaches that you only give a little effort if that is all expected of you , even when you can do so much more. It was good and everyone enjoyed it.-  :) After that I went on a division to Vila Dirce, I did some interviews, and it began to rain and I started to get sick. :(

Wednesday- I got a haircut in the morning, and it turned out quite well, Brasilian style! haha. In the afternoon we went and tried to find good new investigators, but we didn’t find many that we are going to continue teaching. References from members are way better! We then followed up with our investigators that we were preparing for baptism.

Thursday- We had counselho de liderança! Leadership counsel! Very good, except that I woke up so sick that Elder Messick had to do all the talking for us at the counsel because I totally lost my voice. At one point I was asked to talk, and it was hilarious because of how bad my voice sounded, but it's all right because on the mission, and especially all the zone leaders are my buddies. :) President was happy, but not satisfied with us breaking the record as a mission, baptizing 271 people in the month of August. 271 is fine, but anything less than 300 is unacceptable. 

Friday-Our usual route for the day is that we leave our house in Boa Vista, visit investigators in Engeho Novo, then Cruz Preta, then all the way to Parque Santana where the majority of our teaching pool is. But I want to take a minute to talk about a very special family we are teaching. The mother's name is Cristina, they have a 20 year old son, Allison, 19 year old son Wesley, a super snakey 17 year old daughter Thaiani, a 14 year old son William, and TONS of other family members who live close by. This family has visited church twice, they always go by themselves, which is remarkable here, no one does that. We always have to pick and wake people up. They also have an awesome white and gray husky that looks just like a wolf and loves to play around named Emily! They love the church, but they are of another church, and we are doing EVERYTHING possible to get them baptized this week. They are fabulous, I honestly love them and want them to have and understand the eternal blessings that come through Christ's restored Gospel and its ordinances. 

Saturday- We did some interviews for the sisters and we finished up all the preparations for Larissa's baptism which happened the next day. Larissa is 19 years old and has a 2 year old baby boy named Yiago.  He is very naughty! After having him at church with us on Sunday, it made me 100% sure that I do not want to be a Dad yet, haha. But Larissa has found great joy in the Gospel and in the healing power of the Atonement. 

Sunday- Church, baptism, and a great lunch at bishops house! Our Bishop is so amazing here in this ward! 

To end, our zone baptized 9 this week, we are doing well, but we need to pick it up! Tomorrow we will be going to the Brasil MTC in Sao Paulo to hear from The Area Presidency, should be great! :) Until next week!

Elder Hunt

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