Monday, January 4, 2016

So Vai

A Beautiful Rainbow!

Monday- Our p day that is never p day- haha. Today was spent helping pack Elder Rebouças' and Da Silva's bags, meeting my new comp Elder Flores from Peru, and preparing everything for transfers on Tuesday.

Tuesday-5am up early for the oh so familiar route to get to President's house in Santo Amaro. The hectic, stressful, sweaty, nerve wracking two hours by bus and metro gets easier every time, with this being the third transfer. Welcoming the new missionaries, listening to their testimonies, and seeing their desire to start missionary life.  It’s always a special treat. 

The transfer meeting went well along with a special training we gave for the zone leaders. Successful transfer.

Sister Lindalva is the sweetest lady in our ward.  She loves the missionaries and is so good to us.

Wednesday-Elder Rebouças went home :( Very sad day for all of us, Elder Rebouças has made a huge impact on mission and my life, he is a very dear friend and our friendship will be maintained forever. Elder Flores, Da Silva, Felix, and I stayed in our area to do interviews and find new people to teach.  Today was a good productive day.

Thursday-Like you would imagine, New Years Eve in the favela is pretty wild, it's even more alive than usual. With this comes good and bad, haha. The work was a little tough due to the parties, drinking, and drug bust by 30 armed Brazilian drug unit cops. We made it happen, but the welcoming in of the New Year definitely took its toll on the Cemiterio do Horto favela in Cantareira. 

Friday-If you thought Thursday was tough; imagine the day after, the aftermath of New Years. Everyone was hung-over and sleeping in until 5pm in the afternoon. Only our elect investigators we were able to follow up with. 

Saturday- Very hectic day. I did a division in our area with Elder Barros from Capa Verde, Africa, he is super cool, I really like him a lot! We had tons of lessons and people to follow up with to go to church on Sunday! 

Elder Hunt with Emyli on her baptism day

Sunday- Emyli was baptized! Woohoo! Emyli is a cousin of our recent convert Andrezza! So cool! The best group of references are recent converts, they all feel the effect of the gospel in their lives and they want to share it with EVERYONE!!!! So great! 

This upcoming busy will be super busy with a training at President's house for the new missionaries along with leadership counsel on Thursday! Much is changing in São Paulo Norte!

Elder Hunt

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