Monday, March 9, 2015

Green and Yellow

Marcus with donut holes for his district

Monday-P-day passes so fast.

Tuesday-I gave a fun training and brought donut holes for my district because I love them. The training was about finding the needs of the investigator and solving them. :) It was a huge hit and everyone loved it. It is my last one for the transfer because the next one will be a zone training and then the transfer ends. 

We tried visiting a ton of people, but no one was home for when we had marked with them, it was unfortunate, but we were able to have a few really good lessons. :) Also, single mother Lia and her little daughter Yazmin are 100% firm for their baptisms this Sunday! :)

Wednesday-We were supposed to do a division with our zone leaders today, but they canceled it. Another rough day of people saying they would be home, but they really aren’t. Also female missionaries from a different church stopped by at the house of Lia and Yazmin, and told them how we are a cult and not to get baptized; when we found out we were furious! Through a powerful spiritual lesson we cleared their doubts and set everything straight.

Elder Burt and Elder Hunt

We also found an awesome store...The store of 1 Real. Everything is 1 Real and they have great stuff! It's the equivalent of the $1 store, but God Bless America that 1 Real is like 35 cents in America, amen. :)
We found super cheap popcorn and diet guarana so we eat a bag every night!

That night Burt made popcorn and we drank 0 carb 0 sugar Guaraná, it tastes the exact same as the regular Guarana!

Thursday-Elder Cerantonio was sick, so Elder Nunes stayed with him while Burt and I worked in our 2 areas. It was good, it rained and we got a lot of work done. Then that night we went to Imirim and I did an interview for the Sisters. 

Elder Cerantonio was sick this week

Friday-Friday was basically just a repeat of Thursday because Cerantonio was still sick. But at lunch we had all you can eat açai! It certainly has been awhile!  ha :)

'This little puppy is pure gold!'

Saturday-I did a division in Cantareira with Elder Messick, while Zenteno did interviews for Lia and Yazmin. I did an interview in Cantariera (and the guy was baptized the next day! :) 

We finished the interviews and headed to stake priesthood session! We were absolutely soaked once again because of all of the rain!  We stayed for that as well as the adult session, it was good, but it just seemed long. 
It has rained every day this week.  The streets are flooded and we get soaked to the bone.

I talked with the Stake President after and he talked to me about how much he misses Grandpa Faust and how the two of them were good pals. What he said really meant a lot to me. He said how back in the day at big events with all the General Authorities, Grandpa would call all the Brazilians around, stick a finger on his wrist and say “only green and yellow run through these veins!” :)

Sunday- In the morning the baptism of Lia and Yazmin went perfectly. We got her a ride because she has a leg injury that doesn’t allow her to walk very well. But everything went perfectly and it was a very beautiful service.

Lia and Yazmin on their baptism day

That afternoon we got some really good work in and got a ton of new investigators. And that night we went to the night session of Stake Conference, which was also good but felt long.

Elders Hunt, Burt, and Arias

Transfers are on the 17th! 

Also today marks my 8 months on the mission!!!

Elder Hunt

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