Monday, March 2, 2015

Vista Alegre

Tuesday-I did another great training on making contacts, marking baptismal dates, and first lessons. I also asked Sister Zapata to give a little mini training and she did amazing. It was on teaching the Plan of Salvation from a different viewpoint. I also bought everyone ‘snickers’ as the weekly treat. 

We went and met with many of our investigators, had good lessons, but when we got to 19 year old Michelle's house, she had read a ton of anti Mormon literature in an attempt to get answers to her questions...but that is the entire point of our purpose as missionaries is to give her the real information and truth. She just went straight to the Internet and skipped over asking us which was unfortunate.

Elder Burt and Elder Hunt

Wednesday- I did a division with Elder Burt and when we do divisions, it is literally the best thing ever, we are like Alma and Amulek in the streets. I went and did a bunch of interviews for them and all four of those people ended up baptized this week! Burt kicks butt!  
Marcus with a puppy

It rained a ton and we had a huge flood in the streets. At one point a man had gotten stuck in his car in the middle of a knee deep river, so Burt and I pushed his car about a quarter mile out of the flood; it was awesome and the guy was very happy. :)

Thursday-We had interviews with President Farnes today. It was such a great experience. He has so much wisdom and advice and always makes me feel so good when I’m around him. He truly is a man with so many qualities that I’d like to develop. 

Marcus and someone's pet bird

I finished the division with Elder Burt today and it was great like always.

This day I also studied a ton on judgment. How we must not judge others even though sometimes we do it subconsciously, without thinking about it. We must see everyone as a brother and sister and especially seeing people not as they are right now, but who they can and WILL become. We need eternal perspective instead of getting stuck in our problems and needs of today.

Being on the mission has really taught me the priorities of life. Yes hanging out with your friends or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon is enjoyable, but your calling to strengthen the ward, the members, and more importantly the Kingdom of God here on the earth is more important. What God thinks of you and what you do for him is much more important than what anyone else thinks about you. 

Friday-We had our planning session and then I went and did another division with Elder McArthur in Tucuruvi. 

Saturday-Today was a long day. It rained and I did not sleep well the night before because of the heat. We had more problems with our ward that we are dealing with.

A lady in our ward made all the missionaries a placemat with our name's on them.

It was so nice of her!

'How cool!'

Sunday-We fasted, which was tough in the heat, but was good. We all felt very spiritually strengthened. 

At Hugo's house

We went to a little barbecue for lunch and then visited Hugo to see how he is progressing to hopefully help him get baptized in 2 weeks. He’s doing better, but is still a little sad and hesitant because of what happened last time. 

Jani from Finland

Also a super cool thing happened!!!! Elder Burt was on the bus and started talking with a guy with a funny accent. It turns out he speaks English! But wait it gets way better! Jani is from Finland. He is a professional skateboarder who lived in California for 10 years but now lives here in Cachorinha with his Brasilian girlfriend. 

AND he’s already read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon and he knows its true! He wants to get baptized; he just needs to get married first. But he went to church and he is so awesome! He respects us so much and is just the best!
Elder Hunt

'007 is alive and well'

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