Monday, February 23, 2015

Wake Me Up When My Birthday Is Over

"These guys are crazy!" :)

Tuesday-Happy 16th Birthday Elisabeth!!! :)  We had district meeting and it went super well! :) I was not nervous one bit and I felt extremely comfortable, it went great! I gave a training lesson on how to use time with wisdom.  

Elder Hunt brings treats to his district meetings for his group to enjoy.

Elder Hunt and Elder Burt are great friends

That afternoon I did a division with Elder Burt and it also went very well. 
We found a ton of new investigators, marked many baptismal dates, and most importantly, helped a ton of his current investigators progress, closer and closer to getting baptized. 

Wednesday-We worked really hard with our area book today. We found some ancient investigators who had been to church before and were really receptive! :) We had more great lessons that afternoon, helping our investigators progress and progress! That night we had a lesson with Michelle, a very elect, prepared 19 year old girl. She accepted a baptismal date for March 1st and when the lesson had ended, she revealed that she had made us dinner!!! It was great!  :) 

An investigator bought us pizza!

Thursday-I went back to Cantareira to do more interviews for Elders Zenteno and Messick. Elder Zenteno came to our area to do interviews for us and I went and did interviews for them. I had 3 awesome interviews that I really enjoyed, including one with an old woman who is AMAZING; she will be a huge force and help for that ward. Overall I had an amazing time doing interviews in Cantareira!

But unfortunately we are having ghost problems again. Mysteriously popped balloons, strange noises, things ripped off of walls, and to top it all off, Elder Cerantonio awoke in the night and had a ghost at the foot of his bed staring right at him. Things have not been good in the house. 

Go Timberwolves!

Friday-It was a long, hot and uneventful day. Except we taught Michelle the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it! I was super excited for my birthday for the upcoming day! I always love birthdays and we had planned to have a baptism and order pizza. The Elders in the house say they have a great Key Lime Pie recipe! I’m pumped!!!!!!

Saturday- Today was the worst birthday I've ever had in my whole life. We had a baptism planned for an investigator who I absolutely love named Hugo, who it has taken a long time to be baptized and he was 100% ready. Both of us were in our baptismal clothes and then something happened with our zone leaders and they decided that he couldn’t get baptized. Hugo, my comp and I were very sad. 

Then we were late for lunch and the woman who made it got upset and said that she will never make lunch for us ever again.

Then more bad stuff happened and we tried to visit Hugo, but he is mad and sad and doesn’t want to get baptized anymore because he’s offended due to what happened. 

I tried to do a baptismal interview for Elder Burt, but the person wasn’t home; we just got into a huge argument with the person’s mother who we wanted to interview. We walked out of the deep, dark huge favela with tears, feeling defeated by this day.  Happy Birthday, Elder Hunt.

Merry Birthday Elder Hunt

Pizza to celebrate Elder Hunt's 19th birthday

To try and make it better, we ordered pizza and ate the key lime pie, which was delicious! :) But more problems ended up coming. 

The guys made him a Key Lime Pie for his birthday
"Elder Burt made these scones because he loves me."

Sunday-We had the baptism of Luciano, a man who has known the church since he was 13 years old (now hes 41.) He told us on Sunday that he was so excited for his baptism the next day that he couldn’t sleep and that he stayed up reading the Book of Mormon all night.   He explained to us all that had happened in Alma chapters 7-11:) He's awesome! :)

Luciano on his baptism day

After the baptism we started having many problems with our ward and stake leadership, but things will get better, I hope. 

Silvano, an awesome guy in our ward

Elder Hunt with Elder Cerantonio

Monday-We had a zone activity and played volleyball and basketball. 
Other news, my district baptized 5 people this week. As for right now, the zone has baptized 23 people this month, and out of those 23, 16 have been from my district! :)

Elder Hunt

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