Monday, February 2, 2015

Marcus and Marcus- New District Leader and Senior Companion

Elder Hunt is Senior Companion and District leader in Cachoeirinha

Tuesday-We had our last district meeting of the transfer, and it was the best one yet! We had great practices and I picked up a ton of things I ended up applying in lessons later that week. After lunch we had another lesson with Gabrieli and her less active Grandfather.  He bore one of the strongest, wisest testimonies I’ve ever heard. We can tell he wants his granddaughter to get baptized because he wants to return to the church himself and he’s just been looking for how to do it. The baptism of his granddaughter is his vision for how he will come back.

After that we had a miracle with Hugo. We've been teaching him for so long and he’s just had so many tiny doubts, but we walked in ready to have a fighting lesson with him, but he told us that before we say anything, that he planned his baptism fro the 7th of February and he’s already invited all his family.

My jaw just about dropped to the floor, I WAS SO HAPPY!!! FINALLY!!! He said that he was so touched by the baptisms he saw at church on Sunday that he wanted to get baptized! :)

After we visited Tatiani and Thais, we cleared up many doubts and explained again many things and they said they’d get baptized "if they got a sign"... This is what everyone says, and then we talk about faith, but in the end we are fasting for them that the Holy Ghost will testify to their hearts strong enough that they need to be baptized.


Wednesday-Just about everything fell apart today. All our once strong faithful investigators changed into super weak investigators even when they were fine they day before...every lesson just did not go well and everything is a whole lot harder when you are fasting under the hot Brazilian sun.

But one victory of the day was we made a contact with a guy and he seemed somewhat interested in the church, but he owns a really good gym really close to our house and said we could go in for a cheap price on a P- day, so that was a small victory that made me happy.

Thursday-We had a good amount of lessons and Gabrieli’s Grandpa volunteered to take her to church on Sunday so she could get baptized. He hasn’t been to church in over a year and we can see that he’s trying really hard to come back, he just doesn’t want to do it alone. We had another good lesson with Tatiani and Thais, but they still have a lot of doubts, but things are improving. That night I was feeling a little down, so I did some yoga with Elder Burt and I cheered right up, ha-ha. 

Elder Hunt doing some exercise demonstrations at a Multi-zone Conference

Friday-THIS WAS AN AWESOME DAY!!! We had a Multizone Conference with President Farnes and it was great! He gave us A TON of great instruction of what our role is as missionaries (baptize)! He showed us a ton of awesome video clips including tons of football ones of Joe Montana and Steve Young!

He related how missionaries are receivers and Christ is the Quarterback and we need to be exactly obedient to receive the blessings and miracles, just like a receiver has to run his route 100% right to catch the ball in the spot where the QB throws it.

Elder Hunt and Elder Medina

Also as a little surprise, we got to watch "Meet the Mormons" but it was dubbed over in Portuguese. I also got to see Medina and all my good pals! 

Elder Hunt demonstrating exercises for the missionaries

Also we had a whole segment on exercise and eating right, so President Farnes had me come up in front and talk and demonstrate a bunch of exercises and stuff, it was great!  Overall, the Multizone Conference was awesome and left us all super pumped and motivated! :)
Elder Hunt with Elder R Cruz

Saturday-We did a division and I went with Elder Burt. We went to a far away place in our area in hopes of finding new people but it ended up not working out, so we went back to our normal favela area of Pery Alto and that’s when the miracles started happening! :)

Something told us to visit Gabrieli and her mother was there with the grandfather and they were both super supportive of her baptism the following day!

Then a random guy in the street said ‘hi’ to us, so we talked to him and he has been to church a ton of times. Previous missionaries have already taught him everything, so we marked a baptismal date with him for the next day! :)

We had a lesson with a progressing investigator who all the sudden didn’t want the church anymore, I tried my best with everything I knew to convince them, but I couldn’t.  But then Elder Burt, came in and testified in his broken Portuguese with a SUPER strong spirit and the man couldn’t deny the Holy Ghost which he was felling and he came to his senses and knew that the church was true.  Elder Burt was very powerful in that moment; it was awesome.

Then we found a less active whose trying to get back to church and he took us to meet his mother and 20 year old brother named Rapahel. We had an amazing lesson and marked firm baptismal dates with them both; it was amazing!!! Then the man gave us a ride home and bought us Northern Brazilian food! 

Elder Hunt with his Brasilian buds

Sunday-Transfer Calls. We were all super nervous about transfer calls and Sunday morning we found out. I am now Senior companion and will be District Leader here in Cachorinha. My new comp is a Brazilian guy with the same first name as me from Rio De Janeiro! Yeah Marcus, haha! He has only 1 month less on the mission as I do and he is actually my buddy.:) I’m very happy about this! 

Saturday night I prayed into the long hours of the night praying for our investigators to get to church and be baptized. We did all we could Sunday morning and only ended up with Raphael and his mother who came to church. 

Elder Hunt with 3 crazy little dogs

After church the man who we met in the street the previous day showed up to his baptism after he’d drunk, so he couldn’t be baptized that day :( We felt pretty down after that. 

We didn’t get a single baptism, but we have tons of great people for the next transfer and I’m feeling very optimistic about it!

Elder Hunt

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