Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'll Never Be The Same Again

 I would like to say that because of this week I am no longer the same person I was last week. The changes I've been able to see in myself are beyond my words to explain. 
     This week we had an even higher desire/ faith level than I had when I was with Elder Medina when we baptized 17 in the transfer. This week Elder Farias and I tried to do every single little thing possible to show the Lord our desire to reach our goals as a zone and as a companionship.

We found a dagger in our house.

     Starting Tuesday morning, we fasted until Sunday night. We would eat a small breakfast and restart our 24 hour fast every day of the week, some days we didn’t even eat breakfast and kept going to see how far we could push ourselves relying on the Lord's strength to continue on. 


     Every single night, on our knees we individually prayed as said in Enos chapter 1 verse 2, "And I will tell you of the wrestle which I had before God, before I received a remission of my sins." We prayed every night for at least 2 hours, and many nights more, begging, pleading, and "wrestling" with The Lord to help us and our zone accomplish our goals (as well as for our investigators, so that the Spirit could open and soften their hearts and minds towards our message and Jesus Christ's grand plan of happiness for them. 
     We are working on repenting and doing better each day- every second actively seeking to not make the same mistakes we individually used to make. We are not perfect, but we are anxiously trying every second of every day to choose to right, to do what Christ would do, and to change not only our behaviors, but our natures as missionaries, Priesthood holders, and Men of God. 

The City of Porto Feliz

     We planned and worked in our area and with the zone harder than we ever had, no breaks, no rest, nothing, as Tad R. Callister said our mindset was "just the track and the finish" nothing else pulsed through our minds, just our goals and what needed to be done to accomplish them. For us, every single day was the last day of our missions. 

On a division with Elder Galeano

     We also did a division with ward members almost every day to multiply our forces to get more done. We humbled ourselves and let the Spirit guide us where to go and what to say. This week I learned that I truly am nothing, all that was done, all that happened was the Lord and that’s it. 
     Sunday night, President Farnes and his family came to Itu and gave talks to all of the investigators in the entire zone/stake and after we baptized 7 more people together as a zone. 

Elder Hunt and Ferias with Pamela and David and his wife

     Also, our recent convert, David, who was baptized last week, received the Priesthood on Sunday and was able to baptize his wife! :)

Elde Hunt also baptized Irene this week (far left)

     In the end, our zone baptized 15 this week, breaking the old zone record of 25 baptisms in 5 weeks, to 35 baptisms in 4 weeks. This is even better because generally zones in the interior (way more rich, no favella)-where we are- have a much harder time baptizing. Also, Elder Farias and I ended up baptizing 9 in the month, baptizing more than any other companionship in the mission, winning the "Placa de Desejo" or desire plate. 
Elders Hunt and Farias with Bruno and his family on his baptism day

     From this week I learned what can be done with faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. Obedience, faith, acts. This week I learned how every single week needs to be and will be, for the rest of my mission, and how I need to be for the rest of my life. 
     Once again I am thankful for this incredible experience that I've been able to have here. Please continue to expect more and more from us.

Bruno with his family
Elder Hunt

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