Monday, June 22, 2015

We Baptized a Future Stake President

Itu is located in the interior, further away from Sao Paulo 

Monday-Great day, it rained and was nice and cold.

Tuesday- Today was another great day. At District meeting I helped our district leader Elder Martinez with his training because he's new and still learning; AND his district is ALL SISTERS, so it’s a little harder too. :) 
Elder Hunt with his animal friends

We planned all the interviews that were to happen the next day with President Farnes in the zone. We have a family home evening in a member’s house with three investigators. The investigators are the nieces of the member; it was a great success and the investigators really enjoyed it. 

David is an investigator we found and started teaching last transfer, but we starting working in a different area and we weren’t able to constantly follow up and teach him, UNTIL NOW. HE IS AMAZING.HE LITERALLY IS THE MOST ELECT INVESTIGATOR I'VE SEEN IN MY ENTIRE MISSION. He is 25 years old, he is married, has a 3 year old girl, has a car, lives close to the church, and works with Herbal Life, a world wide health supplement company; he is SO awesome! He has the most amazing questions; he keeps all his commitments, and ALWAYS wants to learn more and more. We even explained to him the organization of the church from the Prophet, Apostles, Area Seventy, Mission President, down to district leader, before his baptism and he understands and knows it all is true! He is so great!!!

 Wednesday-We had interviews with President Farnes! The interviews started at 1pm so we bought him a snack consisting of grapes, greek yogurt, water, sparkling soda, M&Ms, and a snickers, and he absolutely loved it haha :) He had been doing interviews with another zone before ours and he hadn't eaten anything all day! 

A cool Brasilian Fruit Tree

The whole zone was at our chapel in Itu. We followed up with investigators during the day because as the zone leaders, our interviews are always last. In fact, Elder Farias and I were the last people to be interviewed in the entire mission! I was finally interviewed at about 9pm at night, and it was AMAZING. President Farnes is so Christ like that just spending a few moments with him you feel his and the Savior's love so strongly that you leave the interview as a new person. :) He is so great; I am so blessed to have him as my Mission President. 

Brasilian Fruit

 A few more awesome things: first, we had a bunch of boxes of Books of Mormon in our house so we asked President if we could take his car to go get them...AND HE SAID YES!!!!! I drove President's car! (very carefully) Just the feeling of being behind the wheel again was too good to be true. Honestly the only thing I want when I get home is a nice car again haha, but seriously. :) Also, that night the interviews ended so late that President gave us a ride home.  He wanted to see my Olympic rings, so he came inside our house and started doing pull-ups and dips with the rings!!!!! What a stud haha! He's super strong too! What an awesome Mission President! That night six missionaries slept at our house due to the late night interviews.

Thursday-We went to the cartorio and set up another wedding and baptism for the 17th of July!!!! We followed up with David for his baptism on Sunday and worked at night in Sao Judas. 

This area is very different from the favellas

Friday-We did a division with Elder Quero, and he did our baptismal interviews for the week! Aside from Elder Medina, meu pai, Elder Quero is the coolest Chilean that I know! J

Saturday-We followed up with all of our investigators for Church on Sunday and used all our records of people who have been to church from our area book in Sao Judas.

Elder Hunt with David on his baptism day

Sunday-David was baptized Sunday morning, he received the Holy Ghost during sacrament meeting and we are planning to get him interviewed on Tuesday to get the Aaronic Priesthood.  Then he will baptize his wife next week.  We baptized the future Stake President! J


 As of now, our zone is still number 1 in the mission for baptisms and this week will be the last week of the competition for the month. This week decides the winner, it is all or nothing, win or lose. THIS IS OUR WEEK.

                             WE SAY YES WHEN OTHERS SAY NO
                             WE DO AND OTHERS DONT
                             WE RISE WHILE OTHERS SLEEP
                             WE DONT AND CANT STOP

                                  ZONA ITU JUNIO 2015

Elder Hunt

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