Monday, June 1, 2015

In Brasil It's Not a Day Without Rice and Beans, and It's Not a Week Without A Baptism

Zone Itu

Just a little to start with, last week I forgot to mention that I ate lunch with Elder Campos, an Area Seventy here in Brasil, he talked at our Stake Conference and it was a very cool, great experience. 

Tuesday - We had an awesome district meeting that our district leader Elder Quero gave and during a part of his training we played basketball! 

Elder Jacobs and Elder Hunt, the two Americans 

Ripped shirt from basketball

It was Elder Jacobs and I (THE AMERICANS) vs. everyone else! We smoked them, but I also ripped my shirt in the process, LOL

'The Crew', Elders Quero, Hunt, Galeano, Farias

After, we did a division with Elder Quero and his comp Elder Galeano. I went with Elder Galeano to his area, and we worked and worked and worked until about 8pm when we received a phone call from Elder Farias...(and this is where the entire week and the story gets even better) He explained that a huge miracle had happened and that 2 baptisms were going to happen! We ran, ran, ran to the bus station and caught a bus to get back to Itu! 

Fernando and Caua on their baptism day

That night, 30-year-old Fernando and 13-year-old Cauá were baptized! The best part is that they are in a part member family. These are my favorite baptisms because the family becomes so much closer and so much happier; it’s amazing! :)

Wednesday - The so called "highlight" of the day was that we are teaching an investigator named Juliana, who was almost baptized last week but got a little scared, so to try to help her feel more comfortable and gain more of her confidence, we invited a few members and ordered a chocolate pizza. But about 30 minutes after we called for the pizza and 30 minutes before we were to go to her house, they called and canceled because she got stuck at we had to eat the pizza...

Juliana's Chocolate Pizza

That night we met with the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency here in Itu and organized a training for all members for how they can be better member missionaries. We did practices and showed the members exactly what to do to invite and help the work of the Lord. This activity we created and organized is for the entire stake.

'Be Mormon, Be Happy' sticker

On Sunday we gave this training (my companion, myself, and President Canaveze) and it was a HUGE success! Just from this 45-minute training, we excited the entire ward and collected hundreds and hundreds of references with 65 of those being "extremely ready investigators." We then organized to visit these people with the members who gave the references. 

Thursday - I did a division with a missionary who really wanted to go home, but I tried to be as fun as possible and help him as much as I could during the division and it worked! :) He completely changed his attitude and mindset and now is good to stay until the end. :)

Friday - We continued the division and knocked 126 doors. Many, many baptismal interviews were done! It was a productive, good, tiring day.

Elder Hunt with Elder Ribeiro

Elder Texiera with Elder Hunt


Saturday - We started working in a new area called the CDHU, it’s where there was a favella, but the government tore it down and built apartments for the people who were living there. It’s a lot more humble than what we've been dealing with, so hopefully it will be different.

Elders Quero, Galeano

Sunday - It rained a ton and was very pleasantly cool all week. We gave our training to the members, had lunch, and then did a division in the CDHU with a member return missionary who was super good. At around 5pm we received a frantic, excited phone call from Elder Quero and Galeano that they had had a miracle and they needed us to do a baptismal interview for them! We caught a bus and went over there.

On Karina's baptismal day with her family

Karina asked if Elder Hunt would baptize her

Karina on her baptism day with her family and the missionaries who taught her

To be interviewed was a 19-year-old girl in a part member family named Karina. I did her interview helping her clear up her doubts and fears and it was decided that she would be baptized that night. AND she had liked me enough that when we asked who she wanted to baptize her, she picked me ;) Oh yeah! The baptismal service was amazing! So many people came at the last minute! It was incredible :)

Elder Hunt and Farias are still companions for another transfer which is AWESOME!

In the end, I was not transferred; Farias and I are staying together one more transfer. This month our zone baptized only 17. :( We have a ton planned, and this next transfer will be incredible! Transfer meeting is tomorrow as well as leadership counsel. I also made stuffed peppers today! :)  I am really happy.

Elder Hunt made stuffed peppers today

D&C 20:37 ‘And again, by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism -All those who humble themselves before God, and desire to be baptized, and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and witness before the church that they have truly repented of all their sins, and are willing to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins, shall be received by baptism into his church.’

Elder Hunt found this jacket and sunglasses in his house.
It has been a missionary house for more than 15 years so you find many interesting things inside.

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