Monday, June 15, 2015

I've Never Been Happier

Monday-We did a division with two funny old guys in our ward. They are both super slow, but they have so much heart for missionary work.

Tuesday-We followed up with a lot of our investigators in an area called Sao Judas, an area a little more humble, even though Itu is rich and touristy, lol.  That night we went to Sorrocoba to meet with a member who made our zone t-shirts. The catch is, is that they are given out once a week to one companionship who does the best in the zone. He didn’t finish all the shirts, so he gave us a giant shirt for free as a test drive- lol.

Wednesday-We had district meeting and Elder Quero and Galeano won the t shirt for last week because they baptized two and had a ton of investigators in sacrament meeting with a baptismal date! Awesome day!!!

Thursday-We found peanut butter at a fancy supermarket, so that was sweet because they don’t normally have peanut butter in Brasil. Elder Quero and Galeano came to our area later in the night to do two interviews for us. That night we also did practices with 8 year old Bianca so she would know what to say so her dad would let her be baptized. We did the same thing with Bianca's mom Edina to convince her husband of 6 years to get married to him so they can get baptized. Another amazing day!

Flavio and Nayane

Friday-Flavio and Nayane finally got married today! Today was also the Brazilian equivalent of Valentine's day! How romantic huh? ;) It was fabulous! 

That night Flavio, Nayane, and Bianca were baptized!!! Bianca was able to be baptized basically because she wrote her dad a letter telling him why she wanted to get baptized.  He was so touched that he cried and he let her get baptized :) Só alegria!!!!! :) Awesome day!!!

 Elders Hunt and Farias with Flavio and Nayane on their baptism day

Elder Hunt and Elder Farias with Bianca on her baptism day

Bianca with her family

Bianca on her baptism day with her parents

Saturday-We had something super awesome happen called a Mission Tour. All the zones in the Interior de Sao Paulo met and Elder Schmeil gave a talk and trainings. It was incredible, he talked a lot about the Sacrament and the importance of it, as well as The Sabbath day. It was incredible :)

Sunday-Flavio, Nayane, and Bianca were confirmed today.  We had lunch with Almir our ward mission leader and then the miracles happened again.
We went in search of more baptisms so we went to talk to Nubia, a woman who had frequented the church for over 6 months a few years ago but was never baptized. We taught her in the home of one of her good member friends. We taught her a strong lesson with a video and she accepted the baptismal invite for that evening. 

Nubia and Jefferson on their baptism day

Nubia and Jefferson with their family

Also in the lesson was the nephew of the member, named Jefferson who was never super interested in the church in the past, but was touched by the Spirit and he also wanted to be baptized!Later that evening they were baptized.

Monday-P day, a few Elders in our zone played football, soccer, and basketball in the rain this morning. It was super fun, but Brasilians don’t understand how to play football, lol, só futebol. 

In the end, Elder Farias and I baptized five people this week and and as a zone, we baptized nine. With this we are in first place for the mission competition in overall baptisms! God is good, such an amazing week! I've never been happier! 

Elder Hunt

This guy takes his rooster on a walk every Sunday.

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