Monday, November 2, 2015

It's Been A While

Elder Hunt with Vinicious, Vitor, Allan, and Ketlyn on their baptism day
The two youngest children are twins.

Sunday (October 25)- Sunday morning after church we baptized Vinicious, Vitor, Allan, and Ketlyn! Vinicious and Vitor are the two littlest ones in the photo, they are actually twins! One white and the other a bit darker! 
Natasha, Raquel, Kaique, Joaozinho, and Paulo Henrique on their baptism day

We had a great lunch, then we went and worked like crazy rounding everyone up and getting everyone to the church for the baptisms of Natasha, Raquel, Kaique, Joaozinho, and Paulo Henrique!!! This was such an amazing day for us! This day we broke the mission record for most baptisms in one day, which is now 9. 

A cool owl 

Monday (OCT 26)-We picked up numbers and did follow up with all the zones then we ate lunch at our favorite churrascaria! We worked that night.

Tuesday(OCT 27)-Today we woke up super early to get to President's house before 8am, including bringing along another missionary and all his bags for 2 hours of metro and buses haha. But in the end we arrived on time and Sister Farnes had made us "Power Balls" delicious protein oatmeal balls! The whole 3 and 1/2 hours we conversed and discussed the latest mission happenings and ideas, it was great! 

Our division in Itapetininga with the Elders there

Eventually we arrived in Itapetinga, the farthest outpost of our mission, getting close to the border of Sao Paulo and Pará. President interviewed the missionaries there and we went out and worked like crazy! Our new methodology with new investigators is "if they don’t accept a baptismal date, we don’t count them as a new investigator." We do this to use our time with only those who The Lord has prepared for us to meet, teach, and baptize, because 2 years is not a long time! 

Later that afternoon we found a woman who had frequented the church for years and years and years and have never been baptized. We simply invited her and she accepted, she was just waiting for an invite, and a lot of the time, that's all it is, just inviting! 

This is the awesome churrascaria that the President took us to

That night President took us to an awesome churrascaria, it had meat, cheese, pineapple, and many other things all cooked up on the grill! 

Pizza with cheese and goiaba (a fruit) interesting

Wednesday (Oct 28)-We studied then worked in the morning, ate lunch in the Churrascaria again ;) then took an over 4 hour $100 bus ride way back to Sao Paulo. That night we worked on everything for the leadership counsel the next day. We worked all night until the point where we slept on the ground of the mission office. Then, waking up at 5am to go to the Leadership Counsel in Barueri! 

Elder Hunt with President Farnes at Leadership Counsel wearing the tie Elder Hunt gave him

Another first, I lead the leadership counsel and gave my ice cream training in front of everyone! Great day! I was super nervous, but The Lord blessed me and it all went great! :) In the counsel we talked a lot about the Dieter F. Uctdorf’s talk "A matter of a few degrees" and how its applies with obedience in our mission. We also talked a lot about how we can make the "tipping point" happen in our mission. That afternoon we did a division in our own area with a new missionary and a missionary who had just become senior. We took them to our favella and showed them the ropes, we marked 37 dates that night. 

Friday morning we once again woke up very early to go give a training at President's house for many of the new missionaries who had arrived in the field a few weeks prior. We gave out trainings, ate lunch and went to work in our area! 

Saturday-Halloween! Last day of the month! A member made churrasco for us for lunch and we worked like crazy! 

Raissa and Sebatiana on their baptism day

That night we baptized Sebastiana and Raissa! We ended the month with 18 baptisms, this is a first for our mission, especially for being the Assistants because we only work in our area 3 or 4 days of the week! We are arriving at a new level, the time had arrived, "tipping point" has begun.

Egg whites!

Sunday- Church as usual, muitas confirmações.
Monday-Protein protein protein, p day and tonight we are headed to Pirituba where we will do a division with paizão MEDINA!!!!! 

Elder Hunt

Bunnies for my sister who loves them

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