Monday, November 30, 2015

My Mission


This week was super exhausting and hectic, but absolutely fabulous! :)
I did a division in a huge favela called Ariston, in my old zone, Alphaville. 
And in our area Cantareira we had 5 amazing baptisms! My picture caption already explains it all :)- see below.

Elder Hunt with Fabiana, Lucan her son, Heliozee, and Andreza and her brother Gabriel.
"This picture makes ME sooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Also this month our mission broke our mission record with 309 baptisms in the month, 88 this past week, and also our zone, Zona São Paulo Norte baptized 49 in the month, breaking my previous record of 42!

On my mission I have had the privilege to take part in and witness many miracles, those in my own life and in those of others.

I have seen the love and gospel of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ change those who were blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, those who were only kept from the truth because they knew not where to find it. Nothing that I have done, has been by my own force or intelligence; EVERYTHING has been through faith and action, in living how the Lord Jesus Christ lived (James 2:17-26.)

I have learned and gained an outstanding testimony of simple principles that in practice, lead and guide us to salvation (LiVE-Little Victories Everyday.) And also being able to see the Lord's hand in all things and receiving all with gratefulness. 

In the words of President Farnes, "Nothing is better than being at the feet of The Savior with someone you played a part in getting there. We are cured and made whole in the process. This is The Gospel of Christ." We become those who Christ wants us to be when we lose our lives in Him and His service to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. We are not here for ourselves, we are here for others and through our dedication, obedience, worthy desires and actions we truly are able to arrive home from our missions changed.

President Farnes has raised my vision and opened my eyes of what is possible. He has helped me to believe more in The Savior and in myself. He has taught me humility, love, and sacrifice, President Farnes' Christlike example has changed me, not only my habits, thoughts, and ideas, but he has changed my nature, as a follower and believer of Christ. 

I know that Christ lives. I know that Jesus is the Christ and He atoned for our sins. I know that only through the saving ordinances such as baptism, we will be able to return and live with our Heavenly Father one day. I know that we must love how Christ loved, and do as He did to serve others. Only through Him and His everlasting sacrifice we will have our families and enjoy his blessings eternally. 

Elder Marcus Hunt

     "To come to the truth, to come to salvation, to know something of this price that has been paid, we will have to pay a token of that same price. For that reason I don’t believe missionary work has ever been easy, nor that conversion is, nor that retention is, nor that continued faithfulness is. I believe it is supposed to require some effort, something from the depths of our soul.
     I bear witness that He came from God as a God to bind up the broken hearted, to dry the tears from every eye, to proclaim liberty to the captive and open the prison doors to them that are bound. I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, and set you and your families free. That is my missionary promise to you and your missionary message to the world"...Elder Jeffery R. Holland


Favella in Ariston, Carapicuiba

Elder Hunt with Elder Olsen from New York in the Ariston favella

A huge rainstorm with flooding yesterday

Nutella in Brazil

Look who stopped by the mission office?  My great friend Elder Burt! 

Today the President took us to Outback Steakhouse!

It is my cheat day so I had ribs and they were great!

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