Monday, November 23, 2015

Two Types of Missionaries

This is what Elder Hunt eats for lunch almost every day.

Tuesday- This was a hectic day. Long night in the mission office Monday night then waking up at 5am Tuesday morning to go to the President's house was sort of rough. At the President's house we had the welcoming for the new missionaries who had arrived. Amongst those who arrived, I met Elder Roberts, an ex football player and power lifter from Texas; he is super cool and we are buds already! 

One of the new assistants, Elder Felix lead the transfer meeting and it was great! Elder Medina is training a new missionary, so that means I got a little brother!!!

Elder Medina and a new missionary that he is training.  

After the meeting, us four assistants gave a training to all the zone leaders.  We had a ton of participation and we brought Hall's for everyone, it was a great hit!!! :)

Wednesday-Saturday we worked hard in our area finding tons of new investigators, marking tons of baptismal dates, and finding tons of miracles. 

Elder Hunt with Milena and Clarice on their baptismal day

Sunday-Clarice, her daughter Milena, and Christopher another young man were baptized!!! :) Our ward is not the most supportive, but we are making it happen. :)

Elder Hunt with Christopher on his baptismal day

Sunday night the others Assistants came by bus from Sorocaba to pick up the numbers early Monday morning.

Monday-We collected the numbers from all the missionaries.  After we had a long, constructive meeting with the President about how the mission is doing and even  more things we can do to improve. The mission is 79 baptisms short of hitting 300 for the month, something that has never been done before in our mission, and this is the last week of the month! 

Tomorrow we will be off to do a division with tons of new adventures to come!

"There are only two types of missionaries in this world, those who served in Brasil and those who wished they did!"
 –President James E Faust!

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